Schussangst – Dito Tsintsadze talks about his new movie

Schussangst - Dito Tsintsadze talks about his new movie

Schussangst – Dito Tsintsadze talks about his new film

  Perceived by the interested public hardly have passed in the late summer for many years, finally again a German film the top prize of an A-festival, that won in San Sebastian – the film shot of fear emanating from Georgia and living in Berlin, directed by Dito Tsintsadze. Cinema met the director to talk about his new film in Mannheim.

The meeting with representatives of the press in Mannheim’s Atlantis cinema Dito Tsintsadze was also a return to a place that has greatly influenced his career as a filmmaker. For here was established in 1999, his film Lost Killers, who was seen in 2000 at numerous festivals. Four years have passed in the meantime, Tsintsadze, and now has his new film Schussangst in the luggage, since the 15th 4. seen in the German cinemas – is a wonderfully laconic ballad about a lonely conscientious objectors, who out of love and loneliness is out at last become a murderer.

Then addressed, as he came to his new project, described the filmmaker as wonder, because in this particular case had he not found the material, but rather the substance it. For the production Tatfilm owned the film rights to the novel by Dirk Kurbjuweit and is now looking for a director who could be trusted with this book. And after a few meetings raised the cooperation between the two on the script out to be very fruitful because Tsintsadze found it particularly fascinating how the novel was always room for their own approaches and interpretations and how Kurbjuweit received the suggestions of the director. So the script was gradually adopted the Tsindadze touch, a ‘magical realism’, which relieves the story as it covers current and transforms it into a quasi-mythological material.

Placed particular emphasis Tsindsadze and his producer Christine Ruppert also on an intensive casting, which was fraught with difficulties. For, according to the book presentation was to be the female lead half-Indian, but after several dates they had still not found the appropriate actress change so decided Tsintsadze, that target the novel out of hand. We finally found the perfect actress Lavinia Wilson in that radiates exactly the kind of fragility, which sought the director.

In fact, the substance should be indeed realized in Hamburg, but when the Hamburg Film Fund, the project three times refused to joined the East German Media MDM. This brought the dice like the location of Hall, took on the very Tsintsadze the locations that he was looking for.

When asked about his role models and points of contact within the German film called Tsintsadze Murnau and Fritz Lang as influences, the meaning of for the metaphysical, he appreciates very much, among the more recent works of German origin, he estimates Stefan Kromer you Knut and Fatih Akin’s Gegen die Wand. By American filmmakers, he especially appreciates Coppola, Jarmusch and Lynch and its close European form of storytelling.

On winning the competition in San Sebastian and the widely divergent reactions provoked to do so in Spain, raised, told Tsintsadze, that much of the Spanish press, a local film had seen as a clear favorite. When Schussangst by the jury was chosen as the winner movie was disappointment in the air, booing, and that although the screening of Schussangst nor standing ovation had been completed. Next morning, Otar Iosseliani, called Tsindtsadzes teacher at the Film Academy and one of his idols, to congratulate him, his students told him about the booing at the announcement, which Iosseliani just laughed and replied: “How happy I would have been if I ever This reaction would have .”

But filmmaking is for the Georgian director essentially also always associated with taking risks on themselves. And that his film is a risk sowhl for him and for the loan, which is quite Tsintsadze, for his typical blend of magical moments, quirky humor and a fragile love story without a happy ending, caught in a slow stream of images, is an attack to the fleet, light and shallow film this time. And that’s what makes this film so valuable.

Title: Schussangst – Dito Tsintsadze talks about his new movie Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2003 Length: 105 (min .) material: Zephyr Film Distribution

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