For more than 20 years they have been traveling together, the two Elbschiffer Kowsky (Henning Peker) and Gero (Tom Jahn). And the long time between the two have forged a solid bond of friendship that will not tear when she unexpectedly on land and are thus literally high and dry – were unemployed and without prospects. Stranded on the shores of life, run aground. As in the remote Hamburg attract big money and fat contracts – so at least is the Kowsky hooligans – making the two boatmen in Geros sailing dinghy on the way to “their” river – the river Elbe. It begins a journey into the unknown, clearly step into the leisurely course of the differences between the two men to light. It does not come primarily Kowsky, whose little trickery and lies, the trip of a dramatic odyssey leave, during which the men lost not only their vehicle. The friendship is put to the test …

same for Marco Mittelstaedt is a road movie on the water and, accordingly, a flow speed of the adapted film, which is less characterized by very high speed, but rather by a leisurely narrative flow. A lost film about life goals, disintegrating families, about friendship and about a river that is for the two protagonists, much more than just a hindümpelndes the right waters. Since Kowsky but upon closer inspection, quite a puke and Gero is rather silent, the viewer has some problems that way into this film. A pity, because the two main characters Henning Peker and Tom Jahn (We’ll wiederseh’n) have huge potential and have so far been seen on German screens very little. Also not easy, it makes viewers with a true interest, but not always judicious assembly, the temporal references and narrative levels linked partly by association with one another and not always clearly separates them. Definitely worth seeing are mainly landscapes, reflecting the sometimes more clearly than the characters themselves the mentality of Proagonisten. In this way, giving the title for the third river is not short, but the real protagonist of the film by Marco Mittelstaedt who brings as a director a lot of good points to make in the future to talk about himself.

(Joachim )

Title: same Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2006 Length: 86 (Min) of material: (# ) Zorro Film

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