Sabah is a classic encounter love story: a man and woman fall in love, this love can not live without turn simultaneously against family and culture. Ruba Naddas film, it is in Sabah, which stands between love and family values. Sabah family has being established in Canada, however, practiced traditional Muslim faith. Stephen, however, is not Muslim – and as a life together seems impossible. —

The 40-year-old Sabah (Arsinée Khanjian) is unmarried, not employed, however, firmly integrated into everyday life of her family. While the older brother organized after the death of his father managed the family and she takes care of the sick mother. Really free but it is obviously only if they are between the purchase and the corridor to the pharmacy surreptitiously slips into the public swimming pool to swim a few laps too. Brother Majid (Jeff Seymour), namely, draws not only the family finances, but also the social relations within the family. Like all other women to put in the Sabah family must always be accountable as to where and how they spent their afternoon and what they bought. As Sabah announced more than once staying away from home, puts her Majid evening a phone into the room, which she will now always carry with you in order to be reachable at all times. In addition, the head of the family makes sure that the Muslim tradition is preserved and maintained. He goes so far that he needs for his 18-year-old niece Souhair (nadda Fadia’s husband) and chose to exclude from the family when she refuses to marry Mustafa (David Alpay) to.

In the swimming pool Sabah met one day and then more and Stephen (Shawn Doyle). The two arrange to meet, and gradually is unfolding between a love story that would not have been innocent and beautiful and not beautiful on the screen could have been told. Sabah is shy and inhibited, appears curious from the start, but also extremely cautious, almost skeptical: With much warmth and depth Arsinée Khanjian plays the Muslim Canadian woman, is about to lose her heart, and also fearful around every street corner, her older brother , who with Stephen not only would not agree, but would ban Sabah – like the heiratsunwillige niece – from the family circle. For true of the tradition-Majid: “An Arab woman in love” – and certainly not in a non-Muslim. Stephen, a tall, handsome and above all loving and lovable man, would be the dream of every mother – but he did not have the same roots, does not belong to the same religion, and therefore can not be taken into consideration as a son. In the long run for Sabah is only the choice between her family and Stephen, who is getting impatient – a decision that pushes her again and again by itself, however increasingly has to cope with greater difficulties.

Indicates the Ruba nadda collision of love and culture, the conflict between individual freedom on the one hand and the desire of belonging to the family and cultural community on the other, on a light and humorous art for redeeming laughter driven above all by the actions of Souhair, played by Naddas younger sister, Fadia: In direct and provocative way, it raises the expectations and instructions of her uncle Majid. She is the one that dares not chador outside and exploring the nightclubs of the city. And arranged as a first meeting with Majid Mustafa groom wish they occur – in the knowledge that this is a modern, confident and self-actualized woman wants on his side – in a black Galabiyah that she almost completely obscured and hidden, and plays one devout and submissive bride, who divides her day in prayer, rituals, and the future spouse will sacrifice their lives. This is in the family, otherwise entirely different: festivals are celebrated with joyful music and dance, the women lay in the house off the headscarf, and birthdays, there’s even one gift. Thus, the film is also a fascinating insight into the small Arab Culture Toronto. Deep feelings, fears, and people who are taking their situation, sometimes with humor, desperate times in the cultural conflict, almost, the protagonists in Sabah. And it always does well again, know the film is not only Muslims as terrorists, but as people learn.

(Verena Kolb)

Title: Sabah Country of production: Canada Year of production: 2005 Length: 90 (Min) of material: (# ) Alamode Film Distribution

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