Rublyovka – Road to Bliss

Rublyovka - Road to Bliss

Rublyovka – Road to Bliss

  It is a highway that Rubljovo-Uspenskoje road, which the Russian vernacular names Rublyovka laconic, and lead them past the metropolis of Moscow at their peripheries miles farther into the hinterland. They were turning the incredible, drastic changes in this region since the eighties of last century, which were decisive for the interest of the Russian-born and living in Germany filmmaker Irene Longman, a documentary about the area and its residents as diverse, one of which is next to impoverished families and various celebrities including President Vladimir Putin. If it was a tough battle for the director to obtain the necessary permits, the work of the film team was always sensitive to disturbance by the Russian FSB security service, police and various security services and threatened, so some of the recordings secretly formed under extremely difficult conditions .

If it were earlier, at a slightly leisurely region outside the city were located in the neighborhood has always been the rich and powerful, it has the Rublyovka in these times of increasingly powerful economic country with an emerging elite next to a emerging poverty as a strictly protected, coveted area for many ceremonial paying addicts developed. The Grundstrückspreise along the road, visible to anyone on the Putin makes its way to the seat of government to Moscow, have risen to dizzying dimensions, so far from the modest dwellings of the indigenous rural population, which will be driven by ruthless methods to leave the area, architectural monstrosities arise even remember the magical simplicities, at times of stylistic nightmares, but in any case are noisy luxury on display.

Rublyovka – Road to Bliss portrays a region that has risen close to the center of power to an isolated oasis for Moscow millionaire (re-) empires, within which a minority of ordinary people struggling for a meager survival needs barely tolerated in their simple home. For director Irene Longman, this presents a significant symbol of a general social development in today’s Russia, where it appears on the Rublyovka spooky vorüberrasende Putin escort as a symbol of feudal times – a frank criticism of the government practice of the Russian President, in the Documentation resonates.

If Rublyovka – Road to Bliss also inevitably a political and at times engaged polemical film, but then, the focus is on everyday life, the circumstances and especially to his people on the famous road, which not all happiness actually means, because if they can be associated with wealth and power. The viewer meets a successful real estate agent, like an old woman who aufbessert their scarce Pension by woodwork, a luxurious Pelzhändlerin and a twelve-year guard with astonishing political awareness as well as the famous musician Mstislav Rostropovich, his own experience with the vagaries of Russian history made has.

In addition to the presence of the pictures, it was the sound, especially the documentation on which the director put a special focus. The unusual, catchy soundtrack, incidentally studied Michael Longman said, the son of the filmmaker, the composition at Columbia University in New York. To emphasize the demonic-looking atmosphere of Rublyovka thought Longman, a blend of music and sequences of sounds in the street, which proved to be a matching device which as exclusive as the threatening mood of this micro-universe urgently transported.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Rublyovka – Road to Bliss Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 94 (Min) Rental: GM films

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