Genre: Drama
               World Cup, a housewife, Berlinale 2010, puzzles, multi-millionaire

A gift and its consequences

  A birthday is celebrated, and the woman of the house has a lot to do with the preparations. For the guests and the family will be properly entertained. So they kneaded dough, cuts and salami on the birthday cake adorned with a number of which we learn that it is probably to a 50th Birthday acts. When the guests then there are swings the woman (Maria Onetto) constantly looking between the kitchen and living room, always the fact that it all goes well, and all are supplied with goodies. And, logically, that neither she nor her husband while her two sons go to hand. Until it turns out that Maria del Carmen is the one whose birthday is celebrated here.

Always have their hands in motion, as is equally at housewives. And even for their relaxation, they chose a hobby, are employed by the hands – the puzzle. Discovered through a gift-puzzle Maria del Carmen namely, that makes it fun – and that it obviously has a talent for it. Again and again she buys new puzzles and brings it with unorthodox methods to a certain mastery. Finally she found a posting in which someone is looking for more of this with a passion for the puzzle. Elated, reports the housewife on the ad and discovers that behind it, an elderly bachelor who seeks another partner for an upcoming puzzle tournament. Henceforth, Maria del Carmen is looking at the man more often to train and while lying to her family, to avoid unpleasant questions. But in time it becomes clear that their new-found passion is to change it, the small successes and have the pleasure of its impact on them.

Unfortunately, the really rather nice history of the dutiful housewife with no special ambitions from the start fairly transparent. Although Rompecabezas escapes the temptation to unnecessarily dramatize emotions and relationships and to work instead of many little hints and details. This film celebrates not the great transformation of his heroine, but a cautious and small change. But in all honesty times: For all the joy of moderation and reasonableness of cinematic and narrative means – that is all, unfortunately, completely boring and somehow terribly irrelevant.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Rompecabezas Original Title: Puzzle Country of production: Argentina Year of production: 2009 Length: 87 (min .)

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