Road to Guantanamo

Road to Guantanamo

Road to Guantanamo

  Bad timing could call what happened to the three adolescent boys, Muslim Britons, Asif, Shafiq and Ruhel, when in the autumn of 2001 traveled to Pakistan for a wedding and were allowed to return until March 2004 in the English backwater Tipton. Good timing is, however, that Michael Winterbottom’s new film Road to Guantanamo almost simultaneously by 5 Anniversary of the attacks of 11 September in the German cinema is. German premiere of the film has already celebrated at this year’s Berlinale, was honored on the Winterbottom for the Silver Bear.

As the title already announced, here it partially around a road movie, a rough, brutal on in this World Travel recalled starting in Karachi, Pakistan on the Afghan border to Kandahar, Kabul and Kunduz. An imam calls the three guys on during their prayer in a mosque, travel as volunteers to Afghanistan. But what is planned as a neighborly humanitarian aid ends up in hell. For immediately after the attacks of 11 September to keep them in a country that President Bush has proclaimed against a global “war on terrorism.” Enter as the “Tipton Three” in Afghanistan, falling in the distance where the first U.S. bombs. The point of no return “is reached, after aimless wandering, they end up in a northern Taliban stronghold, with the result, captured by the troops of the Northern Alliance and handed over to the US-allied forces. What follows is a tour de force on which they fall seriously ill from contaminated drinking water, are imprisoned and humiliated by the soldiers. But that was just the beginning, the worst thing they expected in the open-air cage cells and metal containers from Guantanamo.

, Where you will go through the tragic journey into the unknown in a harsh prison drama. The widely criticized sharply maximum security prison with its controversial interrogation and torture methods is two years long for the time being last destination of the “Tipton Three”. They are accused of being dangerous terrorists, identified by the FBI on a video with 9/11-Drahtzieher Osama bin Laden and Mohammed Atta. The speculation followed cruel interrogation, physical and psychological torture, degrading abuse. Winterbottom draws on the full. This goes for the three guys until it is recalled that at the relevant time the videotape in an electronics Specialists Shafiq and Asif took a job in Tipton and Ruhel meet conditions of probation. They are finally released. Innocent accused, but a process without charges, is finally set. This is the incredible but true story of the “Tipton Three”, which tells us Winterbottom from their perspective in Road to Guantanamo. Been reported

as the fate of the three guys in the British news was Winterbottom’s interest quickly roused. Together with his co-director Mat Whitecross, he set himself with the young Brits and their attorney in connection with the first meeting and was able to quickly gain their approval for the idea of the film. This was followed by hundreds of interviews, recorded interview in 650 pages as a starting point for the shooting in Afganisthan, Pakistan and Iran. For the Tipton Three, three young, inexperienced actors were cast camera with a similar background. The proviso was to recreate what had been done as authentically as possible. As a contrast to the scenes played Winterbottom enriched the film – just as it did in his war film Welcome to Sarajevo – with real news material and thus ensures a swift narrative style and the second perspective. Your own camera images of master cinematographer Marcel Zyskind mixed with the images of American “embedded journalists”. Even the real “Tipton Three” can Winterbottom in an interview sequences have their say. There they sit sweating in the warm atmosphere, while their studio counterparts schauspielernden blood and water. Since the one hand we see a trio of supposedly dangerous terrorists and the subsequent pictures three very normal British “Lads,” types that dominate in multicultural Britain long ago the streets of today. Winterbottom says his new film Road to Guantanamo a history of three normal teenagers. At the same time complaining and he denounces a topic that is already the subject of sharp criticism. But Winterbottom does not make Hollywood movies, he does not press on the tear gland, it produces and not related in the manner of a big-budget blockbuster, which the audience can emotionally cold. Winterbottom on shakes. With its stylish hand it brings us close to weltrelevante themes and exuberant showmanship and heroism can be totally on the sidelines. This is worth seeing political cinema!

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Road to Guantanamo Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 2006 Length: Min 95 () of material: Falcom Media Group

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