Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road
               Genre: Drama, Romance
  Sam Mendes (American Beauty) is directing Richard Yates novel Revolutionary Road as a sensitive relationship drama. Fails To display this psycho gram of a marriage or ambitious in their claims, was the outstanding drama performance by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet is essential. The literature has been nominated in every major category for the Golden Globe.

An unsuccessful theatrical performance, polite applause. A young man (Leonardo DiCaprio), who looks at the main actress (Kate Winslet), who is his wife with love and compassion simultaneously. She knows that after this premiere back a few dreams must be buried, furiously wiping the stage makeup off her face and it is this “cleansing” is what the inherent theme of adaptation.

The story of the couple Wheeler presents the possibility of an outbreak at its center. Challenged by their adjusted life encrusted structures, the two decide to share the comfort of the confining routines of suburban life in Connecticut, leaving the 50’s and go to Europe.

Director Sam Mendes directed the experiment of turning away of the seemingly preordained fate in quiet haunting settings. He is always convinced when he finds impressive images for the Co-industrialization. Mendes makes hundreds of uniformed men in gray suits are running from the clean suburbs to their standardized jobs. Each intellectuality, individuality is the latest in each of these cage-like boxes destroyed. But the domestic case in the April Wheeler is a prisoner, has at all times depressing. Their pursuit of professional emancipation, is for passion and inspiration are suffocated by the demands of her roles as a loving mother and frugal (married) woman. Life seems to Wheeler’s unused and hoffnungsleer to pass by. To feel again outside of the difficult relationship to begin the affairs of the spouses, but only strengthen their confidence for a short time and can ultimately only they plunge into an ever faster rotating spiral of discontent. In these moments, the film gets the ineffable sadness of “The Hours”. And then out of intervention is considered only silence, everyone seems to leave permanently and April has seemingly resigned to their fate, is Sam Mendes, his wife Kate Winslet in a dimly lit forest, and here the settings strangely reminiscent of a film by Christian Petzold.

Another commercial for the American Film unusual idea is the figure of a dangerous-looking visitor (Michael Shannon). He is a Fallen from the time and seems to express the thoughts of the audience loudly. The strangely modern-looking intellectuals drives the story forward irresistibly omniscient. He breaks completely out of the rest of the narrative structure, which is up to him confined to the visualization of subtle conflict.

Revolutionary Road is a plea for the freedom of thought, while a concrete analysis of the constraints of the capitalist-organized society. Due to the impressive presentation of the excellent performance by Sam Mendes and the cast and a real favorite for the upcoming Award season has succeeded. “

(Anne of the Gonne)

Title: Revolutionary Road Original Title: Revolutionary Road Country of production: U.S., UK Year of production: 2008 Length: ( #) 119 (Min) of material: Paramount Pictures Germany ISBN: 4047553500621

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