Renn, if you can

Renn, if you can

Racing, if you can

               Genre: Drama
               Student, disability, triangular relationship, Berlinale 2010, Zivildienstleistender, wheelchair

A beautiful utopia

  If the only copy of a recently completed master’s thesis flies out the window, then that’s usually a disaster. Not so in racing, if you can, a delightful debut film about a serious issue. Here are the fluttering leaves a magical atmosphere to spread, much like the first snow in a romantic night in winter.

, But not the study of endangered or his conclusion is the issue, even though Robert Gwisdek of 13 semester (Momo’s buddy Dirk) the Ben plays protagonist. Ben that is quite different problems than those with the university. He is sitting after an accident seven years ago in a wheelchair. This stroke of fate has turned the young man a cynical tyrant. Ben takes nothing and no one seriously. He is constantly harassed and there Zivi his sarcastic comments on his own, where you never know whether they are serious or not. Although the student is instructed in a wheelchair for the simplest physical needs to help, he acts as if he needed anyone. His desire, he reveals only by the last two years every day, the lovely Annika (Anna Brüggemann) viewed through a telescope.

The story could also be a social drama about the disabled and their problems. But it is not, at least not only. Director Dietrich Brüggemann (brother of Anna Brüggemann, wrote down the well on the script) suggests in his first feature, a wonderfully irreverent, comedic tone. Here is not primarily about compassion. Quite the contrary. Ben is a wheelchair with his sometimes dehumanizing sayings initially far from being a popular figure. That behind the aggressive shell, however, lies an interesting nucleus is at least clear when Annika Ben Zivi Christian (Jacob Matschenz meets). And of course, about Christian Ben himself, for whom she soon develops romantic feelings, as well as for its Zivi.

To the most beautiful scenes in the film are those that hold the triangle in the balance. Together, the trio goes on the road, spun out of crazy stories and chauffeured in a monumental Amischlitten through the area, takes almost no such thing as a further lead. The car was converted for disabled and gives Ben a freedom of movement, which makes him forget his wheelchair existence for brief moments. Everything seems possible in this comedic drama padded, not just for Ben, but also for Annika and Christian, whose life also lies at an impasse.

However, Dietrich Brueggemann has apparently made to promote the ménage à trois in a way so often told. Annika also destroy the nice balance, putting the first one and then intimate with the other. It is lost in parts of the loose-woven fabric of fluffy funny escapes and disabled tragedy. The camera then tilts sometimes quite abruptly from one extreme to another.

, But these small downturns in any way diminish the outstanding acting performance by Robert Gwisdek and some ingenious sayings, which he puts the script in your mouth. The son of Michael and Corinna Harfouch Gwisdek shaped his character so complex, that alone makes the characterization of voltage. That Ben is brash and vulnerable, sassy and sensitive. And all in a mixture that can be predicted in any second. This keeps the audience from the fears of contact, like the fates have it in real life from a wheelchair. Compassion is not appropriate in this film. For he says naturally from utopia to be allowed to be disabled as a normal person.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: racing, if you can Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 Length: 112 (Min) Rental: Zorro Film Distribution

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