Remember Me

Remember Me

Remember Me

               Genre: Drama, Romance
               Policeman, student, suicide, father-daughter relationship, father-son relationship

The trauma in oblivion

  Actually, you can each reader only one basket and honest advice to his heart: Read anything about this movie! Go to a movie, take a look at Remember Me, and you begin to think, and – depending on – shocked! flattened? angry? to discuss whether to shoot a film so as to leave so it can end up as it has brought Allen Coulter.

For the end of this movie is like the beginning of a very sensitive debate: how far the medium can go the cinema to arouse deep emotions in us plug end? Where’s emphasis on listening and manipulation? Where the boundary is to the macabre? Back to the trivial and reemerge?

Remember Me This play is really nothing more than a love story, a film about the NYU student politics Tyler Hawkins (girls swarm of Twilight Robert Pattinson), whose life is not really in get a grip. Although it is pointed right at his sharp striking and intrusive Reflexionsgabe in the form of Socratic Zitationsparlandi, but nothing can disguise the fact that Tyler’s backyard existence, which he indulges in New York’s bohemian Brooklyn somewhat clichéd and placed a disparate and discontented feelings of failure is inherent. It quickly becomes evident where the stone lies buried at Trübsalblasen: Tyler has lost his brother, an artist and guitarist, who has taken some years before the life. Since then, his father (Pierce Brosnan), a jovial New York businessman, not interested in the condition of the traumatized family shows neither he nor his younger sister Caroline (Ruby JERIN), the more intensely in the recklessness and ignorance of the father is suffering emotional .

In driving the action comes after a violent action: Tyler observed during a pub crawl, as two men assaulted by unknown persons. He intervenes, burning rage, and tried – with a clenched fist and hammer blows – to end the conflict. When the police were moving up and taking blood-stained face, bored just work through the paperwork knows, feels Tyler violated his sense of justice: The officer (Chris Cooper) is running the aggressors, Tyler protested what he – and not the criminals – after all, in a prison cell . lands

Later his roommate (Tate Ellington) discovers that the daughter of the anemic Officers as well as the two friends are political science at New York University student. Tyler knows the student from one of his courses. Thus arises the idea to approach to the pretty blonde girl in order to dupe his father and take revenge for the executive failure. But Tyler’s plan will fail, not because he knows how to win with his bright eyes and not his persuasive charm Ally (Emilie de Ravin), but the fact that he unexpectedly falls in love with the pretty girls. There are a structurally unifying moment between the two, which makes the relationship plausible.

The movie begins with a analepsis, ie with a short sequence in the past that shows how Ally’s mother was shot to death during a subway robbery. Insofar as both characters know only too well what it is like to lose a loved one.

The focus, however, remains focused on Tyler: His quiet fight against his father’s attention, love, affection and understanding, his commitment to his little sister, who feels inferior and misunderstood, ridiculed by her classmates which, to tease them to cut their long hair, is the real theme of the film. It is a cry that will shake up the order to extrapolate essential to essentials, which arises from the interpersonal to show that it can be swallowed by the earth long since dead, and even though you live.

, As this New York Film Echoing trauma triggers the end, will probably make to the end under debate. Still, even if there were scathing criticisms (in the U.S. the film was already on 1 March), one must admit that the film has two legitimate reactions: Devastating vehement rejection or affirmation. For despite the rather long way from falling love story that manages to Allen Coulter, showing the frustration of Tyler in a startling and often deeply moving intensity, which in the course of action be potently unfolded. Whether the (Suffice it to say) can accelerate the end of this consternation surprising even further or contrary to the embarrassing and Exaggerated or Prohibited tilts, remains a matter of individual taste. The author of these lines left the cinema at least deeply disturbed.

(Tomasz Kurianowicz)

Title: Remember Me Country of production: USA Year of production: 2010 Length: 113 (Min) of material: ( #) Concorde Film Distribution

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