Remaining mature attitudes

Remaining mature attitudes
               Genre: Documentary, Music Film
  Music and politics are two areas which initially appear to have little in common, and yet political music in various forms has a long tradition, which is not only relevant texts has. Some musicians and bands, which include The Golden Lemons undoubtedly represent with their whole style and appearance of a social policy quite specific, but also changeable attitude which sometimes is a reflection and self-positioning within the highly commercialized industry, and often transported to a counterculture prevailing habitus initiated. In his “Rockumentary” with the catchy title Leftover mature attitudes director Peter Ott creates not only a musical portrait of the golden lemons, but also their internal and public history of influence that have occurred in the course of several years of twists and turns.

The Hamburg-based musicians The Golden Lemons, who entered it did almost 25 years as a punk band, the relevant stages and has been preserved from those with Schorsch Kamerun and Ted Gaier, the hard, heavy core, are still restless in sound and discord on the road. Her once self-imposed and directed underdog image of the band after albums like “Fuck You” (1990), “Elevator to the Scaffold” (2001) and especially “Lenin” (2006) gradually transcended, but the almost programmatic, earthy unobliging that is as charmingly chaotic constant identity through their braves wandelvolle history, has hardly ever been separated from the lemons, as well as the documentary illustrates Leftover mature attitudes. Using archival footage and interviews with protagonists knowledgeable about the band and documentary features, such as staged photographs director Peter Ott a fragmentary sketch of the Golden Lemon in the light of their extensive social and philosophical reflections.

It would not be difficult to steadfast Golden Lemons adopt, they would refuse, despite their favorable attitude towards this documentation is not on its own way a normal development process. Thus, the interviews, which led the director with Schorsch Kamerun and Ted Gaier, read out in the film only, and as Peter Ott advancing the work to distill his actors deliberately. But players like the ex-Lemon Ale and Sexfeind Aldo Moro, the journalist Clara Drechsler, Melissa Logan, Palluca Enno Stephan Rath and several others make their statements and sentiments before the camera, in addition to being humorous anecdotes again and again to the attitudes and positions Golden Lemons, past and present, with topics such as authenticity versus commerciality and ultimately comes to the question of whether some degree of success and popularity among the dedicated, detached from the usual music business possible, necessary, is desirable. This is Peter Ott’s performance, especially the fact that he resigned not chasing an idea that the lemons are not ready to give, but with a mild self-irony falls on what is to be had – and this is a dense, wild scenario associated figures whose leftover, and sometimes actually quite mature-looking postures embody the tense life.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Leftover mature attitudes Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 89 (Min) of material: Edition Salzgeber

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