Rainer Kaufmann – Biography and Filmography

Rainer Kaufmann - Biography and Filmography

Rainer Kaufmann – biography and filmography

  Rainer Kaufmann was on 6 June 1959 in Frankfurt am Main. After his apprenticeship as a carpenter, he earned a degree in Germanic and Film Studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt. Subsequently, he studied directing at the Academy for Television and Film Munich (HFF ).

Even in his eight-minute short film of salt for life (1989), who won the young director the City of Munich, who played Katya Riemann, the main role. In 1995 he lived at the Munich Film Festival his big breakthrough with the movie talk of the town for which he received the hypo-price, today’s German Film Prize. Katja Riemann is also playing the lead role, just as in his films Ingrid Noll-The Pharmacist (1997). With these funds Hits Kaufmann became one of the most popular representatives of the German comedy film. In 2000 he filmed another Ingrid Noll novel cold is the evening breeze.

Kaufmann is also working very successfully for television, where he And in films such as the bride knew of nothing (2002), the TV mini-series The Cherry Queen (2004), Maria’s Last Journey (2005) and the “Bella Block” episode Blackout (introduced 2006) Director.
( #) Rainer Kaufmann describes himself as an entertainment director happy. In an interview with the BR online, he said, “If I manage to say in addition to the conversation even something serious, I have achieved my goal .”

In addition to numerous awards and accolades he received for his feature film debut, Then the socially TV drama just by force (1993) the European Television and the Max Ophüls Prize for one of my oldest friends (1994). Besides his work as director Rainer Kaufmann is also an author, actor and producer.

The Runaway Horse (2007) based on the novel by Martin Walser, he presents a further literature, again with Katja Riemann in one of the leading roles.

Filmography – Rainer Kaufmann (selection)

Runaway Horse

Four Daughters (TV)

2001 (# ) Boat

is the cold evening breeze

Long Hello and Short Goodbye

The Pharmacist

Town Talk

One of my oldest friends


Rainer Kaufmann – biography and filmography

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