Quran Children (DVD)

Quran Children (DVD)

Quran Children (DVD)

               Genre: Documentary
               School, Islam, Koran

Inside the Madrasas

  Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld saw them as one of the hotbeds of Islamic fundamentalist terror, and in 2003 wrote in a memo: “Can we arrest more terrorists every day and kill or stop by their deeds, as recruit the madrasas and the radical clerics , develop and release to us? ” Other men like the historian and author William Dalrymple will see it differently. For him, the compound of the Koran to Islamic terrorism is not so clear, as Rumsfeld sees. In his article “What Pakistan’s madrassas teach?” (Published in Le Monde Diplomatique at 10.3. 2006), he concludes that it go to the graduates of the madrasas in particular about their own country to achieve the most correct way of life within the meaning of the Koran to make. The fact is that the madrasas in the Muslim world to gain enormously in significance. The Shaheen from Bangladesh coming filmmakers Dill-Riaz (bully) has succeeded in his homeland to shoot in spite of the strict (but nowhere in the Quran laid down) images ban in some madrassas in the country. There are pictures and insight into an institution, as you get to see them only rarely.

It looked at the beginning not so, as if to give the filmmakers access. Only the intercession of a friend of the family, which belongs to a privileged upper class in Bangladesh, opens it, finally, the doors to the madrasas. What he sees there, I bring just as much astonishment as the audience: here children squat in long rows before the Koran, swaying rhythmically back and forth and mumble, sing, recite the verses of 6234, which they get to the end of their religious instruction from memory should. With the camera almost at ground level goes Shaheen Dill-Riaz from the long rows, creating impressive picture, the effect can not escape.

For the children, mostly from the poor underclass of the country, are the madrasas often a lifeline and one of the few opportunities to obtain even a good education and a “Hafiz” are. Where we argue about the usefulness of the learned already can. The stubborn and stupid memorization of Koran verses, which are also crammed in Arabic (which dominates in Bangladesh hardly anyone), speaks not just to ensure that the children with a sound approach to the Book of Books of the Muslims are taught.

While some children make the leap from the madrasas and the jump back to a normal school or even at the university. But many of the break from training to Hafiz, losing by cramming the stubborn desire to learn and to end this way without qualifications.

The discomfort, which one Shaheen Dill-Riaz ‘film develops, is fed not from the undifferentiated fear of a terrorist potential of Islamic schools, not because of the rigid nature of learning and of the way, as there, but addresses the needs of children. As much as the madrasas appear many children as the only way out, so these institutions cement on the other bondage and injustice. And that, one suspects when viewing this film, is not only in Bangladesh Sun

Quran Children links remarkably insights into the madrasas with the private view from Shaheen Dill-Riaz on his own religious upbringing and the development of Islam in his native Bangladesh. He does not judge but raises questions – of himself, his relatives, all of the privileged and not particularly religious are central to upper class in the country. And he has no Responses. But that change in Bangladesh urgently need something that you notice as a spectator anyway quite fast. By then, if one sees in the faces of the Koran children.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Quran Children (DVD) Country of production: Germany, Bangladesh Year of Production: 2008 Length: 89 (Min.) (# ) Published at: New Visions format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, German EAN: 4047179448581 Extras: ( #) None

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