Putty Hill

Putty Hill

Putty Hill

               Genre: Drama
               Family relationships, grief, overdose, funeral, Berlinale 2010

Live and Die in Baltimore

  The protagonist of the film is absent, but present all the time. It’s about the young Cory, who died mid-20s from an overdose of heroin. On the eve of his funeral in Baltimore to tell his friends and his family in quasidokumentarischen interviews, how different it relates to the event. The result is not only a portrait of Cory, but also an interesting study of a milieu of life on the edge of a major American city. Poverty, violence and recreation are just as important as life shattered dreams and hopes for a better future.

Putty Hill to Hamilton, the second feature-length film by Matt Porterfield, who himself grew up in a suburb of Baltimore and the Life there is more than familiar. His style oscillates continually between fiction and reality, and he as a director, who interviewed the characters, even plays a central role. He mingles with the working class, visited his figures in their simple, poor houses, in the forests or the gotcha when working in the tattoo studio. He filmed them in their environment is arguing, drinking, smoking, hang out.

Who wants to see from the so-called off-Hollywood independent movie once a real independent filmmaking from the U.S., is safe in Putty Hill. Porterfield has worked with amateur actors for whom he has given plenty of room for improvisation. The answers to the questions they could think of themselves as far as possible. So they tell different stories from their everyday life, the unifying element is Cory. His life was set by the script.

Putty Hill begins and ends with the empty room, where Cory has lived, or rather lived. More than a mattress, a few old newspapers and bottles are not visible. It must have been lonely for him. He has taken refuge in a world that was no way out. And that is what is painful in it.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Putty Hill Country of production: USA Year of production: 2010 Length: 89 (Min)

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