They are the princesses in Berlin-Kreuzberg Prinzenbad: Klara, Mina and Tanutscha. Three 15-year-old friends who are close friends since childhood and since then inseparable. The 32-year-old director Bettina Blumner has the three girls attended for a year with the camera and process their observations in a very realistic and haunting documentary Princesses.

With a force the viewer is drawn into the daily lives of three girls, despite or perhaps because they have to deal with problems faced by most young people probably have at that age: problems at school, with the friend, with the mother, the struggle for more freedom of having to prove himself. We’ve all experienced in this period more or less. And although Kreuzberg is the milieu within which the girl gives this exceptional neighborhood their everyday lives and their needs a special intensity. It’s amazing bravery and fearlessness with which to beat the three brats by their life and that’s what makes a lot of fun watching.

“I like documentaries, acting not like documentaries,” says Bettina Blumner in an interview with www.kino and actually-one forgets after a while even in Princesses, which one is sitting in a documentary, has withdrawn as much as the director, she never comes to the fore, there are no interviews, the camera simply observes only . And if the girls so realistic that sometimes it works played, they have instructed the director to do so as if she were not there, only well-observed. Although not all the girls wanted to shoot scenes that Blumner had planned for her first feature film project, they share their striking openness and Sprücheklopferei front of the camera no bounds. “I come from Kreuzberg, du Muschi” says Tanutscha at one point into the phone, which in one sentence pretty much everything together, for which the three girls are: wit, pride and endless love to Kreuzberg.

At the premiere of Princesses at the Berlinale section Perspektive Deutsches Kino “was an interesting Gegenfilm: Osdorf by Maja Classen, for which the director has gone into the Hamburger problem district Osdorfer Born to life there and anxieties about the future of young criminal immigrants to portray. When one considers the two films side by side, they differ not only in the fact that in the one about the girls, the other comes to guys, but mainly to have come as close to the filmmakers to their protagonists. While classes in Osdorf almost applies only to outdoor locations, accompanied Blümner their girls everywhere: home, at school, at work, in cafes, because it refers instead to the home, environment, society and, through them, ultimately creating a very intimate atmosphere. So much confidence has to win one erstmal of its protagonists. This great achievement was recognized already by the Berlinale with the independent jury prize “Dialogue en perspective”. Rightly so, Princesses is an exciting, intense review, the smitten by his loving and realistic depiction of everyday teenage Kreuzberg.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Princesses Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 92 (Min) of material: (# ) Reverse Angle Film Distribution

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