Precious – Life is precious

Precious - Life is precious

Precious – Life is precious

               Genre: drama, literature
               School, New York, self-discovery, pregnancy, Cannes 2009, illiteracy

From victim to Cusp

  It is not often, but sometimes also U.S. box office hit movies are available for Quality: How credible, then relentlessly while fallen so optimistic long ceased to more social drama. The Oscar-nominated film by Lee Daniels moved and shaken, it leads into the darkest abyss. But he also explores the way to the light. Prices at major festivals like Sundance or Toronto, and a Golden Globe for best supporting actress are the deserved reward. Precious – Life is precious, tells a shocking fate very close to the case and also universal. Perhaps now one of the most important films of 2010.

The secret of success may lie in the fact that the African-American film director tells two stories in one. One is the pitiful life of a young black man from Harlem. The other is the wonder that such a mistreated girl makes on the road to independent living. This is not simply told in chronological sequence. But in flashbacks and memories interwoven and stylishly decorated with dream scenes, in which is also a touch of humor into their own. Neither expresses the role of victim to the lacrimal gland nor operated princesses Cinderella dreams. And that is, given the fact hollywoodgerechten plots, according to the sweet sounds of the violin is crying more than amazing. Way: Instead of waiting with sentimental background music on the soundtrack with a powerful dance songs.

“Precious” is the calling name of the main character. This can be translated as “valuable”, but also with “lovable”. However, it is particularly difficult in the first settings to love the young teens. The African-American girls is about 200 pounds, has totally apathetic and seems to eat away from an abyss of self-loathing. But in the first few minutes of film is clear: this is not Precious’ guilt. If ever a man had a right to feel as victims, then. Impregnated twice by her own father, hated by his mother and abused – a resume with all the cliches that could be poured over anti-socials.

, But not without reason that the novel, after the script was, “Push is”, or “push” or “attack”. The jolt, which is Precious (Gabourey Sidibe) in the course of the film is initiated by their teacher, Ms. Rain (Paula Patton). The leaves are all injured students write their diary and bring with them that everyone is good at something. But above all, their education is based on the simplest and most effective principle of the world: She believes in her charges.

In this twist of history, of course, lurks a lot of trash back potential. That it does not come to a head, is on the realistic figure drawing and the beneficial withdrawn production style, which covers the sentimental substance in itself not a sugar coating. But there is primarily due to outstanding cast performance. Gabourey Sidibe, playing for the first time in a film that is a dream cast for the role of Precious. It operates in its dull inertia so turned inward and in their lumbering liberation steps so carefully that it incurs a remarkable credibility. Equally realistic Paula Patton creates the figure of the teacher, a woman with a big heart, but also a clear awareness of the hardships of life.

Famous Names ennoble the supporting roles: in the U.S., popular comedienne Mo’Nique as a monster that in the most touching scene of the film, suddenly human features, pop star Mariah Carey, one would see in their anti-glamorous presentation difficult if you do not know, and rock musician Lenny Kravitz, to add a smart nurse. Even the TV presenter Oprah Winfrey has helped us as a producer, helping the history of walking under the skin to the widest possible audience. It was her autobiographical Relined indeed a concern. Oprah Winfrey was sexually abused as a child and the age of 13 unwanted pregnancies. Like Precious today embodies a longing that goes far beyond such a heavy fate: Yes we can.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Precious – Life is precious Original Title: Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire Country of production: USA Year of production: (# ) 2009 Length: 109 (Min) of material: Prokino Film Distribution

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