Pope Joan (DVD)

Pope Joan (DVD)

Pope Joan (DVD)

               Genre: Drama, literature
               Middle Ages, Pope, conspiracy, Vatican

The triumph of a woman

  Legend has it that in the 9th have been taken over centuries, the highest office in the church by a man dressed as a woman. Whether that is true, is still controversial. Neither the period nor the event itself is agreement. While the producers of the Pope promote the film as a true story, church historians refute their veracity and rate the alleged Pope Joan as a notional figure. If such a woman has led the whole Catholic Church by the nose

How controversial the topic, and the stony path from the book was to film. First, should not Sönke Wortmann (Das Wunder von Bern, Germany. A summer fairytale) bestseller Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross stage, but Oscar-winner Volker Schlondorff (The Tin Drum, Ulzhan). But as these in an article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung criticized Cinema-TV-mix products, he was by the production company Constantin summarily shown the door. Also favored by Schlöndorff Actress Franka Potente should not rise more in the habit of Joanna from now on. The role of the Pope was instead filled by Johanna Wokalek (North Face, The Baader Meinhof Complex).

So much for the trappings of the film that triggered all sorts of rolls and the success of the film is likely to be beneficial. But what is it exactly? Sönke Wortmann’s historical epic begins in the freezing winter of 814th In poor conditions the girl Johanna was born the third child. The love of knowledge seems to have become her in the cradle to be. She learns quickly and eagerly, even though her father, the village priest (Iain Glen), she denied any education and only his two sons, Matthew (Sandro Lohmann) and John (Jan-Hendrik Kiefer) informed. As Johanna her brother Matthias persuaded her secretly teach reading, writing and Latin, this is the beginning of a long odyssey of a life by repeatedly and have to hide their true identity. Women were not for school, but to bear children and is responsible for the budget. Only men were allowed to benefit from education.

, But Joan refuses to: Toward the strict father, against the rules of the Church, for their convictions and their faith. They feel that their destiny is different, that God assigns it a different way. But the price is high. On their long journey she meets many people who acknowledge their intelligence and mental sharpness and help her. You make it to the cathedral school, where they know Graf Gerold, a nobleman at the court of the bishop (David Wenham), and learns to love. When the war breaks out, it appears under the name Brother John dressed as a man in the Benedictine monastery of Fulda. For several years she lived as a healer and respected medicine man. threatened when her true identity to be revealed, she flees to Rome. There, she meets Count Gerold, noting that one can not deny it longer: their love.

On and on Johanna rises on the side of the pope in the church hierarchy, increasing the risk of discovery and more more they feel that they must decide: Will she give her heart God or a man? When Pope Sergius (John Goodman) dies, Johanna is elected as his successor. They quickly, the people on their side, have for the never before done a church leader so much. But Johanna has also envy and enemies that you will one day become fatal.

, Whether true or fictitious, one thing is certain: the Pope is anything but a boring history ham. What is shown here, the amazing triumph of a woman in a patriarchal society, Joan’s emancipation to the Church but also against a man she loves. A battle that she copes brilliantly in 148 minutes and every minute is worth seeing without lengths.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Pope Joan (DVD) Country of production: , Germany Year of Production: 2009 Length: 142 (Min.) Published by: Paramount Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German EAN: 4011976872887 Extras: ( #) Audio Commentary by Sönke Wortmann (director, screenplay) and Tom Ferryman (camera), Making Of, Cast Information

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