Plein Sud

Plein Sud

Plein Sud

               Genre: Drama, Road Movie
               Travel triangular relationship, mother-son relationship, Berlinale 2010, hitchhikers

An angel of vengeance on the road

  It is such a thing with Genremixen: If the various elements combine to form a new whole, then they open up new horizons. If one, however, as a foreign body in addition to the other feels, the film is divided into several parts. In Sebastien Lifshitz ‘Going South / Plein Sud done both. In the first two thirds of the mix works, towards the end it dissolves into its component parts.

The film is primarily a combination of road movie and family drama, but elements of the play Western, the thriller, and even the Soap opera into it. Has its strengths Going South / Plein Sud in its vital force in its expressive and emotional that he believes have long been a tension that arises from the fact that you want to know where the journey really.

The The main character is Sam, a 27 year old Frenchman, who is in his car on the road to the south. Along the way he has picked up significantly, the younger brother and sister Leah, and Mathieu. They want to obviously more than just a ride from Sam. Despite the dour, taciturn Sam against all human contact seems to be reluctant to give him Lea and her homosexual brother explicit sexual advances. But Sam has a gun in the car, it is in the mood for something else: revenge. In flashbacks, we learn that he hates his mother. And the goal of his trip is in Spain. Ibid, where noted, the mother is discharged from the psychiatric home.

And sister Sam and thus have very different objectives, but to merge their trips for the period of their lifestyles. Lea and Mathieu are protagonists of the fun generation, they make the trip a single party, with wild celebrations on the beach. Sam can be distracted for a while. Tensions arising from the relationships that are erupting in smaller and larger eruptions. All this is well told tempo, with feverish cut sequences and energetic images.

At some point, but cuts off Sam, can sit siblings. From now on, change pitch and rhythm of the film. According to the sombre mood of the protagonists of the settings are longer, the camera takes a neutral, observational position. Now it really is just about the family drama, though director Sébastien Lifshitz can continue the road movie, takes the other stations from any duty. Only when Sam finally meets her mother, the situation is getting worse again. But the decision, which Sam then meets at the end, just seems to come from a spontaneous impulse. Nothing points to a personal development and maturation. That the drama just was not enough room for development. And suddenly it no longer fits on the road movie.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Plein Sud Original Title: Going South Country of production: France Year of production: 2009 Length: 90 (min)

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