“Please, no vanity” – Interview with Dominik and Benjamin Reding “for the unknown dog”

Please, no vanity - Interview with Dominik and Benjamin Reding for the unknown dog

“Please, no vanity” – Interview with Dominik and Benjamin Reding “for the unknown dog”

  In the Reding brothers situation is rather like when the brothers Bobby and Peter Farrelly, who once said: “Making movies is like raising children: This is just better in pairs”. Also in the Reding, the director seems to work in pairs just better to go out of hand. After her successful debut Oi! Warning (2000) is now her second film for the unknown dog to be seen in the movies.

How is that for twin brothers to work together so closely?

Benjamin Reding: It was originally being considered at all. My brother studied architecture, archeology, and I later acting. We wanted to go their separate ways, what we have done too many years, but we meet just yet, because film is a very universal kind of art. I was responsible in the beginning with the short films the acting coach, my brother for everything else. Later in the great projects we have divided our work.

How does your division of labor appeared in this film?

BR: My brother was on the set of contacts for the performers. I have taken care of the architecture of the set to include the financing and the whole rotation sequence. This makes it faster on the set, we have vorgeprobt with the cast two weeks. The casting, which was one of the test samples, was very intense and long.

You’ve turned almost exclusively to laymen.

Dominik Reding: The Sasha “Ferris MC” Reimann, who plays the Festus, I would not call the laity. The rapper appears as large warehouses prior to over 5,000 people. The “Spoken Word” of rape is almost like actors. It does not matter to us what they did before the performers, whether actors or film were breakdancers, such as Steltner Luke, who stars as Bastian, if they can do something.

Are taken as their selection of the performers?

BR: Our aim was to look as broadly as possible. Not only in the performing arts, but in all trades, the arts provide, such as Music, dance, painting. We had to cast people who have made these trades have something, and young actors, theater people, movie stars, the entire bandwidth. We looked at 300 people on videos, 200 requested and 146 hit. What we wanted to see was honest, genuine, truthful game. These were the main factors in the selection. Truthfulness, but please, no vanity.

As you have the guys on the milieu of the journeymen prepare?

DR: The auditions and rehearsals. We know very good companion, even over many years. We had a very clear idea of what the actors should embody. Sasha “Ferris MC” Reimann Festus as we have correctly handled. It is the central figure companions. Him we have set into a stone cutting operation. He also scored one of us read the book with favor and sir! To. This gives a clear insight into the world of Tippelei.

And what is so special in the world of Tippelei?

BR: This ignorance, for example, when you arrive in the morning in a city where you sleep at night. Where we come eat, drink or contacts. Everything is open, nothing is predetermined. A totally unplanned, free, and exhausting, but very exciting life.

How alive is the journeying today in Germany?

DR: This is very much alive, but walking just a few. It is a force of great men and women, while men account represents ninety percent. The scene would be very vital, but who is already three years on foot through the world? They are, of course, interesting people. This is not a fun holiday. This requires a lot of responsibility. It is indeed for people at home that one has never met. You need rules of the handling and the courtesy notice. If you do not create, then walking quickly becomes a torment

BR: One has to itself be very clear, even on what you want to experience it. Of course, one learns more about his craft, which is a page. The other is that one learns how to survive in different environments. As one makes life experience in a tremendous speed.

That it made you fascinated to shoot the film in this milieu?

DR: Because a lot comes together: it is the longing for freedom, these three years as a gift to understand the limits of his own personality to expand. In particular this is a factor of tolerance to the understanding of the people. Those who in three years around the world travels and his tolerance is not extended, this is not helping. All changed the Tippelei whether they like it or not.

BR: That was in Bastian very important because we wanted to change the boy himself. Someone who at the beginning, completely emotionally cold, kills without remorse and feeling. How can the credibility to make it clear that this boy can really change themselves, beyond the usual methods such as prison, youth prison, reformatory. Where can it really be internal change? Since it was natural to locate it in this milieu.

What was the trigger for your film?

BR: On the night when the message was read on Spiegel Online that youths had killed a youth in Potzlow because the decision was made to do something about it. And not about the before, so how it comes to murder, but about what comes next is. Furthermore, what happens to these young people who are so cool, are so cold, so icy that they can do that. What needs to happen that will change a boy who crushes the head of another.

A Oi! Warning was at the movies, you have been attacked by skinheads.

BR: That was a nasty brawl. My incisors is gone, my brother has broken his nose. We have learned very personally that you do not like a movie.

What was it like in this film?

DR: So far he has run only at festivals. The fellows took it well. They have not in Festus “recognized Ferris MC. Some fellows have even asked whether the Festus and the Gunnar Melchers, who plays the bevel, have been on the move. This is obviously a huge compliment. It says that our selection at the casting was right. Us so we went to where the truth and believe that had really been on the move, which is the maximum sincerity that you can get in the game.

BR: The good companions found was that the Spirit of wandering and suffering through the three years comes across very well. That the good in the film reflects that one feels that, why people migrate.

Was interviewed by Katrin Knauth

Title: “Please, no vanity” – Interview with Dominik and Benjamin Reding to “For the unfamiliar dog”

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