Planet 51

Planet 51
               Genre: Animated
  What it should look the landing of an alien, that have some science fiction films often shown on extraterrestrial invasions enough. And usually it’s no good, what can we expect from people of another planet, as we have made Ed Wood Plan 9 from outer space, Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day or Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks again on drastic but also comical way. But free after a set that is actually usually more related to foreigners: Do not we all aliens – somewhere to do?

It is this experience must also be U.S. astronaut Charles T. “Chuck” Baker, of the planet 51 really wanted to pay a short visit to him, almost in passing, for the United States to take possession. Contrary to all available information, Planet 51 is not barren and uninhabited, but is home to a high civilization, of course (green) organisms, their development is comparable with that entirely on the ground. Even more: the way of life in many ways reminiscent of the American way of life “of the 1950s – including suburban idyll with a barbecue, petticoats and all creature comforts. And so the inhabitants of Planet 51 can be very similar, as one would expect the same of earthlings in the same situation and knows from many science fiction films of the postwar period – with horror and panic. Especially as the danger from space has long been known and addressed by the media repeatedly was, until – and this certainly looks like the mood in the U.S. of the fifties – a veritable hysteria prevails especially strangers. Promptly take the (abundant dull) military on the trail of menacing aliens and also makes relentless hunt for the intruder as the media pack, which will of course put everything on the Alien in experience. Luckily Baker meets the youthful amateur astronomers Lem, who seems to understand the only one that posed no threat to the foreign one. With the help of some judicious friends succeeds the alien teenagers, the astronauts to escape the clutches of the military, and send the man back on the homeward journey through space. In return, Chuck brings to his new friend on how to make the heart of a beloved (by fairly trite sayings) to melt – which tried Lem just off the charming Neera.

Actually it’s an utterly charming idea age-old stereotypes about extraterrestrials and the ideals of the fifties in this way upside down and reverse, as is done in the Spanish-British co-production Planet 51st However, the satire gets quite tame and never really nasty when it comes to intolerance, bigotry and paranoia. Despite numerous references to the classic science fiction film, which should once again seek above all to the present guardians, Planet 51 is so nice and predictable advised that there are likely to have some fun especially smaller audience, while larger idea quickly come up with what the film turns white. Although it is rarely boring, thanks to the flatness of the drama, sometimes the whole thing reminds one of a number Revue, which was cobbled together from well-known set pieces. The child-oriented message that it is better curious about the other, should be the foreigners – it is likely to impress the young crowd anyway.

In addition, scores Planet 51 by carefully crafted details (down to the signs on the planet and The gag with the caustic urine of extraterrestrial dogs) and an appealing animation, the story would have been beyond all but quotes from the fundus of Hollywood more bite and originality may well tolerated. Take this movie just once as the first scent mark of the Spanish Illion Animation Studios, which could definitely getting ready in the not too distant future once, making it difficult Pixar Animation, and other established forges life. The path that has taken the studio is promising – even if this film will represent only an intermediate stage.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Planet 51 Country of production: Spain, United Kingdom Year of production: 2009 Length: 91 (Min) Distribution : Sony Pictures Releasing

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