Planet Terror

Planet Terror

Planet Terror

  According to Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof – Todsicher / Grindhouse: Death Proof will start with Planet Terror / Grindhouse: Planet Terror, the second part of the Grindhouse project in the German Cinema – Directed by Robert Rodriguez Special Tarantino introduced here. And like almost expected to submit the second part of a shovel on it again properly and toppt the work of colleagues in the field of action, pace and explicit violence loose. This does not need to like, but fans of sleazy cinema will come fully on this film at their own expense – if they do not take the film seriously.

Already makes the story quickly becomes clear that Robert Rodriguez’s film, at less an elaborate story goes, as rather to accommodate as many set pieces worse and worst B-to Z-movies. The focus of Planet Terror / Grindhouse: Planet Terror is the go-go dancer Cherry (Rose McGowan), the final of dancing has had enough and wants to prove himself, preferring instead as a stand-up comedian. But first they must face very different tests, for a mysterious gas has almost all the inhabitants of the small town into bloodthirsty zombies. Together with her ex-boyfriend Wray (Freddy Rodriguez), the doctor Dakota Block (Marley Shelton), Sheriff Hague (Michael Biehn) and some other people are entrenched, the former go-go girl for a while in the bar by JT ( Jeff Fahey), the brother of the sheriff. When Cherry loses her leg in an accident, is transformed into the remaining stump using a machine gun into a lethal weapon that the dancer in the fight against the monsters also urgently needed. Meanwhile, the devastating effect of the gas reaches further and further around until it comes on a military base for the final showdown between the last man and the monsters …

In the USA the ambitious project, Grindhouse flopped two friends of Tarantino and Rodriguez fairly , and the rescue and revitalization of the trash cinema of the old school will probably have to wait a little while to himself. Maybe there is just too much new trash than it would have required the recollection of past celluloid garbage. What also should not be overlooked is the attitude of the two filmmakers to shoot with their connection to the junk and trash serious auteur film a long nose and be sure to see the applause of some of the audience. Let’s quite possible that in some cases will double the trashy but a cult program could.

Despite all the similarities, the two films of the buddies that were originally planned as a double distinction, but a few things: Rodriguez’s homage to the sleazy cinema of the sixties and seventies is far more bloodthirsty, and in some ways harsher than the original film of his Friend’s Quentin Tarantino. For, if Robert Rodriguez has done something for this movie, then the fixed target, the spectators in a second bored. To make it short, the goal is achieved, mainly thousands of hectoliters of fake blood, horrors, and every second is due to an outrageous story that knows no pain and are within a few minutes of film into a set piece of zombie movies, Gore Strip and Slash from the categories B to Z composed. Planet Terror / Grindhouse: Planet Terror is a brightly colored, postmodern-delirious hodgepodge of quotes, more or less unknown trash films of past decades, been technically brilliant, with lots of special effects are deliberately set up and scratches, burn marks and other traces of decay, which suggest that it this is a genuine work from times gone by.

Too much sense, however, should be either in Planet Terror / Grindhouse: Planet Terror or Death Proof search – Todsicher / Grindhouse: Death Proof. Of course you can – if you like – the movie like interpret as bloodthirsty parable to the terrorist threat to the United States. Most likely, but it was Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, From Dusk Till Dawn, El Mariachi) to something else – fun. Relish the director digs in almost every cliche from trashy movies of yesteryear and puts each and every impossibility of exaggeration and absurdity of the plot like on top of another. In general, it seems likely that Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez in their originally as a double-feature-term project mainly again really wanted to crack. And that is the two filmmakers have succeeded in any case. Whether one looks or not, in this case is even more than other films of taste …

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Planet Terror Original Title: Grindhouse: Planet Terror Country of production: USA Year of production: 2006 – 2007 Length: 102 (Min) of material: Senator Film Distribution

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