Pink taxi

Pink taxi

Pink Taxi

               Genre: Documentary
               Moscow, women, taxi

by taxi in the direction of emancipation

  So rare to see them too – they are part of the cityscape of Moscow to easy and are anyway hard to miss. These are the 22 pink taxis, in which carrying only women – and also exclusively for female taxi drivers. Among the more than 100,000 taxis in the Russian capital and the more than 3 million cars in total in Moscow, they form the absolute exception. And yet we learn in the course of this film, which obviously plays a large part in these cabs, a lot about the state of Russian society and the role that women play in it.

Marina, Alia and Victoria called the three women of middle age, the Uli Gaulke’s film Pink taxi with the camera. With them not only the taxis are pink, but also happy times carry the nails, and scarves, which she. Not only are the three traffic-hard Moscow taxi drivers clearly without men, also in private life they manage it – although not entirely voluntary. Their husbands have all been lost to them over the years, in various ways. One of them has drunk himself to death, the other is cut off with a younger woman – the normal way life. Nevertheless, they can not be browbeaten, finally, they must provide children and raise a family. And for this they had to toil and time 48 hours at a stretch, to keep a little nap in between the road and to keep alive with vast amounts of coffee.

With the clients who get them into the taxi, the three come to socialize. And so it goes during the ride through Moscow to cosmetics to lingerie, love lost money to the child, to Russia – and of course, always at the men. Although the women behind the wheel and separate those in the back seat not only numerous social levels, but whole worlds. And yet also feel rich business women, the daughters of very wealthy oligarchs and other prosperity has come to women in the pink taxi in good hands and chatting merrily go on it. In this discussion, from woman to woman formed over time by the way a picture of the lives of Russian women without a raised finger, this is so meaningful so many ambitious social report. What may lie under certain circumstances, the fact that restrains Gaulke felt the presence of the filmmaker and one hardly ever feels. And because he lets the images and especially the women speak for themselves, instead of talking about them.

Men come in the film – of course – only the (streets) edge, they laugh at the eye-catching taxis who know them mainly from hearsay. And yet we feel clearly how much of their space, which belongs only to women, discomfort prepared. Because they are actually still feel as the stronger sex, who in fact are in many families, the balance of power long shot. Only this realization has not yet arrived in the company itself and its perception. The emancipation of women in Russia, it shows clearly in this film, she has only just begun. The 22-pink taxis are certainly only the beginning.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Pink Taxi Country of production: Germany, Russia Year of production: 2009 Length: 80 (Min) Distribution : Flying Moon Film Distribution

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