Pink – or what color is the life!

Pink - or what color is the life!

Pink – or what color is the life!

  Against the backdrop of the ever-changing capital Berlin is characterized and accompanied the unusual documentary by Julia Dittman the lives of four women. Miriam is an actress, along with her son to the balancing act between career and motherhood trying to cope with. Katie has just finished her studies and is in search of their role in society. Stefanie is a psychologist and in the search for the body. Can she find in a woman? Gesa is a lawyer and tried in a male-dominated profession, as a woman succeed.

The film sensitively portrays four women in their late twenties. In search of themselves and their role within society. For three years, Julia Dittmann has accompanied its protagonists and gives the viewer a deep insight into the soul of bodying forth of the four. of critical engagement outgrown self-confident women who arrive with him and with success in their profession. At the same time experiencing the protagonists in another facet of being a woman. They are mothers. The children who are initially supported by Berlin, can run at the end of the film already and talk.

Pink – or what color is the life! is an inspiring film, the animated to think. A documentary, sweeps, and also provides a concrete image of women in our society.

Title: live pink – or what color is that! Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2003 Length: Min 88 ( ) of material: Venus Film

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