Pietje Bell and the mystery of the Black Hand

Pietje Bell and the mystery of the Black Hand

Pietje Bell and the mystery of the Black Hand

  The recipe is simple and well tried: Take a small, clever hero from a famous literary reference compress his stories on a coherent screenplay to stage this, with intricate detailing and finish is a successful children’s film! In the Netherlands Pietje Bell is not the most successful children’s films of all time.

Barely eight years old is Pietje (Quinten Schram), the youngest scion of a shoemaker in Rotterdam, the thirties of last century, and yet the bold, clever rascal soon known for his pranks throughout the city.

Pietje really just wanted his neighbors, the mean and humorless pharmacist Geelman (Arjan Ederveen) made with his slingshot one on his bald head, but he missed his target and gets on a wild chase in the middle of a big parade, which He totally disarray. The next day his picture on the front page of the newspaper can see that now with rising circulation frequently reported on the actions of the young heroes.

Pietje is a brave little boy with a noble character. Through his friend sproet (Frensch de Groot), with whom he invents many ventures, he knows what poverty means, and he dreams of being rich, to help all poor people can. His biggest opponent is the son of his neighbor, Jozef Geelman (Stijn Westenend), wants to marry precisely Pietje sister Martha (Katja Herbers), which are of course absolutely necessary to stop.

Then the tables are turned and Pietje comes from the discovery of stolen property into serious problems. The newspaper, celebrated as heroes before him, slandered him now as a thief and a liar, his friend sproet moves into the camp of the thieves, and his father (Felix Strategier) lies also still in financial difficulties. But Pietje does not give up: he founded with some other gang of rascals, the “Black Hand” to take revenge on the newspaper that he now puts a crime after another into his shoes. Everywhere in the city of mysterious black hands appear, and the small gear goes to bring the world of Pietje Bell in Rotterdam back in order.

After the successful film version of Crumb (1999), who is also a well-known children’s book of the Dutchman Chris van Abkoude lies at the bottom, it was natural for the director Mary Peters to write a screenplay of the stories about Pietje Bell, especially since it was this figure from her childhood, familiar and dear. “What I find so appealing in Pietje Bell is that he is a legend. Being by nature, free-thinking spirit comes through all the various influences around him to full bloom. Pietje Bell is a very special boy, because he dares to live his dreams and to turn words into action, “said Peters.

Fast-paced and witty Pietje Bell hence, who will now see in our cinemas. The great popularity in the Netherlands is certainly the popularity of books by Chris Van attributable Abkoude, but the film will probably find its audience in this country. Appear

The protagonists and events such as a kaleidoscope of well-known elements from familiar stories in course meal pattern. The good guys are funny, wise and noble, and finally, the greatest difficulty to master, the evil boring and mean, what they will eventually overtake their just punishment. An interesting variation on a children’s film at best represents the role of media in the form of sensationalist newspaper, but also differentiated reflections stuck in a general volatility.

Fun for the youngest among moviegoers Pietje Bell is without a doubt, and at the Children’s Film Festival in Munster, he was awarded the prize for best film with the “Julie”. Nevertheless, the question arises whether it is desirable not even a good children’s film and its audience, beyond the usual clichés once embark in new directions.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Pietje Bell and the Mystery of the Black Hand Country of production: Germany, Holland Year of production: 2002 Length: 110 (min .) Rental: Stardust Film Distribution

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