Pieces of April – A day with April Burns

Pieces of April - A day with April Burns

Pieces of April – A day with April Burns

  That family life is not always easy, it is a truism. Who has not once thought of themselves with horror at the upcoming family reunion – Aunt Amy’s 60’s birthday or the wedding of her second cousin boastful friend?

Just as it is April Burns (Katie Holmes), who has invited her family to the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. April is the black sheep of the family, gepierced, tattooed and brightly painted, she lives with her black friend in New York’s Lower East Side, at a safe distance from their kin. During April, more than grumpy cook it enters the obligatory turkey, makes her family, a few hundred kilometers on the road.

, Joy (Patricia Clarkson), her mother is suffering from cancer in the final stage, and spends the journey to ponder about whether she had ever had a positive experience with April. Beth (Alison Pill), April’s sister, absolutely refuses to New York, actually, they would much prefer to cook the food yourself. Father Jim (Oliver Platt) wants the day along with his entire family really only enjoy, but that will not be easy. It is now perhaps the last opportunity for a reconciliation. While the family inexorably approaching New York, notes April that her oven has given up the ghost. She does in her disheveled apartment building in search of help and learns to know a motley collection of bizarre neighbors. The offer of help by the young gentlemen, who lives next to her must refuse, and his house is filled to the ceiling with garbage. And the young man with the high-tech stove in apartment 5D does not want to deal only with their turkey. It takes even their turkey as a hostage in order to make them docile. The day is slowly becoming the disaster, April had predicted.

Pieces of April is the first work by director Peter Hedges, screenwriter of Gilbert Grape and About a Boy. His debut film thrives on the excellent cast. Patrica Clarkson as Joy and Katie Holmes than April, giving the film an almost documentary-style authenticity. Alternately tragic and comic then again, throws Pieces of April, a trenchant view of a family who tries to come to terms with themselves.

Should be on the way to the next family reunion may be close my eyes and on April think it is probably still all right?

Title: Pieces of April – A day with April Burns Country of production: USA Year of production: 2003 Length: Min 80 ( ) of material: Solo Film Verleih

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