Genre: Documentary, Music Film
  Whether or Alfred Brendel, Lang Lang – all star pianist need a technician who is much more than a “piano tuner”. At the top of music it is tight. Able to understand only the best Piano Experts, what it is all the genius at the keyboard is all about. How fascinating the struggle for perfection can be, the documentary Pianomania by Lilian Franck and Robert Cibis.

Pianomania told – as the title suggests – in a world of possessed by a passion for classical music and the willingness to absolute dedication to an instrument with 88 keys and 230 strings. But the film is both a reflection on the profession and vocation, through engagement and exhaustion, the desire for perfection and the suffering it.

The film provides insight into the work of Stefan weaver, chief engineer and master tuner at Steinway & Sons Piano Bauer. It shows the various meetings and discussions with the key stars and spins its red thread along a very special project: Stefan weavers to help the French star pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard system to merge the “Art of Fugue by Bach. It’s special because Aimard does not just want a certain tone, is set up for the wings. He wants more, depending on the piece. For Stefan weaver starts with one years of extraordinary challenges: “This is something we’ve never done .”

Twelve months earlier, thus starting the preparations – the search for a suitable instrument, according to various techniques of insulation and, according to Aimard which means when he says he wants the piano sounds like once more to the harpsichord and another time for organ. There will be an exciting year. More than once, the problems seem so big that needs to acknowledge the 42-year master tuners: “I’ve never seen .”

At first glance, the conversations revolve around technical and musical problems. But what this portrait of an extraordinary career on insider circles also interesting is the enthusiasm carries on with this piece of his day’s work. Then a fire is felt, would do the other industries quite well. And the example of Stefan Knüpfer one can study the desire and the burden of perfectionism. The viewer sees how much related to the youthful vitality and momentum to the fact that here one attempts the impossible, and can be deterred by any obstacle. But it also shows what a torment it is possible if the CD player must put up a quality because the sound recording for normal ears is so horrible. Stefan weavers know that as a technician, he still gets off relatively lightly. While he himself completed his work at the latest when the concert begins, is a good pianist never satisfied.

What weaver and his star pianist aspire to when they can look for an “open” or “magical” sound – that is, of course, by optical means not catch. The more the make of this film is to be commended. At the beginning and end of rapid cuts mimic the rhythm of the music, so vote into the subject. The central contrast, focuses on an intensive companion on interviews and observations. Here, the directors take the time to let through facial expressions and small gestures, the nuances are visible. And there are not sufficient when the words suddenly becomes clear, can be used as film and music.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Pianomania Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 Length: 93 (Min) of material: (# ) farbfilm

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