Peace Impact

Peace Impact

Peace Impact

               Genre: Documentary
               Prison, youth violence, Berlinale 2010

cry for love

  Peace is a moving documentary about stroke, juvenile offenders, but also very dedicated social workers who try everything to show the youngsters a way forward. The Project Work and Box, in which young people are supposed to control their aggression through targeted training in the gym, this seems much more human and to be more effective than other sanctions process.

From an initial impulse, the title should really “life prospects” are intended, because that suggests itself at the beginning of this documentary by Gerardo Milsztein. It’s about young people who are delinquent and those threatened with jail. The only chance to avoid jail, is the Project Work and box. Here, sit down social workers committed to identifying the juvenile delinquents a perspective, because they think they have not. You will find no meaning in life, have learned through their socialization, that superfluous words and slamming the drug of choice is. So these are all very violent young people, whom in their development – or even non-development process – follows throughout the film. If one has an intact social and professional environment, with physical aggression nothing or do very little has, then one feels when viewing the film, a bit like a voyeur. The protagonists are seemingly quite open and honest in front of the camera, for which the director sometimes uses a black box that was designed by young people themselves, because they have vollgesprayt a sign with graffiti. At this location they can retire, but speaking into the camera and thus directly to the audience. This is a very personal, individual picture of each young man is visible. While one is lulled into a spectator to the latent violence of young people, gradually blurring the picture of the prospects and it appears very individual characters who have all made traumatic childhood experiences: Percussive fathers, broken relationships, or the premature death of his mother like the behavior of young people declare their real motivation is not a cry for love. Something that they apparently never learned. Very slowly, so their leaves due to each another personality, which is beyond the helplessness of their aggressiveness.

The difficult task that has taken upon itself the social worker who is not only to identify young people with a work-life perspective, but also get their aggression under control. But they have set a boxing workout on the schedule for which can inspire the young people but only slightly. This is surprising, because one of her favorite pastimes consisted so striking and beating. When boxing, they must learn now to also use their heads to control their aggression, for blind Drauflosschlagen has no place in the gym is definitely nothing to do. Would make you feel restricted in their expression, want to lead their own independent lives, even if they do not know how to look like. And yet the social workers tick endlessly for as long as each of the youths has turned his innermost desire for the outside and verbalized. You certainly want to integrate into society, or at least have a perspective that is beyond unemployment and violence. But to fail again and again the efforts of social workers, hard-won training places will be canceled, the so-called regular life is an excessive demand for young men. Especially for one of them, Marco, probably the biggest problem child of this documentary. He has lost his mother at age ten to an overdose of heroin, which he even years later is not clear at all, and there also to blame for her death. These self-reproaches him speak at the end to hatred towards his environment, about which little can be very pretty appearance belie. All of these affect the fates of viewers deeply, but also the tireless work of social workers. Without pressure and violence, with a patience they always try to show again the young people aims and means, and that, although the guys sometimes bite like angry pit bulls around. The patience pays off eventually, her affection is reciprocated, and together are working on visions.

The statistics are quite the social workers. Eighty percent of young people from the “Work and Box” have been reintegrated into society, they have received training places or work places and established families. Thus, the trust, the rewards have been posited in the social workers, young people and their work well. Even if the struggles of the individual are not easy and they torment themselves very often on their way once chance, it will result in a better world and of the end of the spiral of violence.

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: Peace Impact Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 106 (Min) of material: (# ) Piffl media

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