Pas douce – The Unsanfte

Pas douce - The Unsanfte

Pas douce – The Unsanfte

  Frédérique, called Fred (Isild Le Besco) is a young woman full of inhibitions and aggression. She lives in a small town in the middle of the mountainous landscape of the French part of Switzerland, works as a nurse and has just lost her boyfriend, who is based elsewhere. To combat the pain, they can drift, looks for men in pubs and bars for a one-night-stand and yet find what they seek, perhaps because they do not even capable, gentle and even affectionate to be like one of her lovers she accuses. But Fred shows from their person such ratings utterly unimpressed, it is immaterial to her what she thinks about their environment – it has almost been passed from life, that means nothing to her anymore, so their only prospect is death .

when she, a former award-winning shooter, goes into the woods to take themselves with a gun’s life, she gets into a dispute between two adolescents. Beside himself with anger, rage on himself and the world time and again into view, Fred pulls the trigger and take one of two boys on his knee – an act that will change her life. From now on she will go on to reveal her guilt and the suffering it has inflicted on another, make amends – is just how this was done, it is the Confused yet clear. But the opportunity is clear faster than she thinks, just because the victim is taken to the hospital where she works. And discovered over time Fred in the 14-year-old Marco (Steven Pinheiro de Almeida), a tough boy from shattered family a kind of mirror image. Cautiously approaching the two of them together, and it is almost that something like a friendship. However, Marco did not even know at this point that it was precisely Fred, who is responsible for his injury. The difficult moment of revelation, of admitting their own guilt is still to …

Pas douce – The Unsanfte, who is now second film of the young Swiss director Jeanne Waltz after Daqui P’ra alegria, which simply held, totally unpretentious, and yet incredibly fascinating portrait of a young woman who knows what to do with herself and her life is nothing that works fairly well, although outwardly, but balancing with one leg over the dizzying abyss of despair. It is primarily Isild Le Besco, which takes these more subtle but no less intense film, which gives a fascinating face and a great physicality. Jeanne Waltz regarded her heroine full of tenderness, understanding, and she consistently denied any assessment of the sometimes strange behavior that Isild Le Besco with their game and brings her face close to the audience, without forcing it to him. From her, so hopefully we will get to see in the next few years further elaboration. Forgot this actress can at least according to this film, not so fast. And how is it, so Pas douce – The Unsanfte a real find grace and demure charm, a work that steals the show and without effect under the skin and into the minds of viewers.

(Joachim Kurz )

Title: Pas douce – The Unsanfte Country of production: France, Switzerland Year of production: 2007 Length: 85 (min) ( #) Distribution: Friends of the German Cinematheque

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