Pai san qiang jing qi

Pai san qiang jing qi

San qiang pai jing qi

               Genre: Comedy
               Remake, murder, Berlinale 2010, cookshop, adultery, Pistol

Once Upon a Time in The Wild Wild East …

  That Hollywood happy verwurstet good stories from other countries, already sufficiently known. Conversely, the much more rarely the case. But not only so, but because of the unusual combination of a story by the Brothers Coen, namely, their debut Blood Simple dating from 1984 and a world-class Chinese director named Zhang Yimou (Raise the Red Lantern, Red Sorghum, Shanghai Triad) could be to this competition entry be curious. First one thing: the implementation of Zhang Yimou may well irritate especially fans of his more serious films, but the film undeniably makes fun at the same time is a true delight to behold and a turbulent mix of Eastern, thriller and comedy, with a marked penchant for slapstick.

If you know the film of the Coens, who knows already what this involves. For comparison to the original fabric Zhang Yimou has changed very little, if one views the scene of action and time apart: In a past century, as firearms, even in China were still an absolute novelty, Mr. Wang has, together with his much younger wife and a few dumb employees a noodle dishes. However, the old man is a miserable miser who also abused his wife regularly to atrocious, so that these are precisely the shy but cowardly Chef Li’s neck and throwing begins an affair with him. From a Persian traders passing through the frustrated wife now buys one of these newfangled guns – you never know when the husband will be annoying. Unfortunately, Wang gets wind of the looming plot, and the affair of his wife and now turn to the policeman hires Zhang, assassinate the pair. Which in turn simulates the murder of the two and has only exception instead of the money from Mr. Wang, the two employees also are sharp, really want to get only their back pay. In no time, Mr. Wang is dead and it begins the hunt for the love of money, not to circumvent where the actors just another prudish …

, The miserly old man and his young, unfaithful wife, the fool and hasenherziger lovers, and two employees were also not very bright – the story not based in China, one would swear stone and bone, that the figures here Italian improvised comedy Commedia dell’Arte Pate had been standing. These also fit the jokes sometimes simple but rather, stumbling ever mentioning any of the players about something, against something is or is otherwise awkward hires.

The security is a Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop an insignificant work of Zhang Yimou’s film in an equally opulent as light, airy finger exercise just without much relevance. And yet, in its way, the film maintains, and conjures up with his colorful and uninhibited exaggerated narration a smile to your face. That must feel free to see enter the cinema.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: San pai jing qiang qi Original Title: A Woman, A Gun And A Noodle Shop Country of production: China Year of production: (# ) 2009 Length: 95 (Min)

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