ostPUNK! too much future

ostPUNK! too much future

OstPUNK! too much future

  Punk in the GDR, which initially sounds like a contradiction again. And that’s what it is, however, less because of Punk in the workers ‘and peasants’ state would have seemed so absurd and misplaced. Instead, punk in the GDR was much stronger than in Britain and (West) Germany above all a political statement, which was for the players in the local scene, far more dangerous than their brothers in spirit to the west. The clearly flaunted opposition to the benevolent socialist state, which promised its citizens a paradise on earth, turned against the straitjacketed from above forced optimism, against the dull monotony of fulfilling the plan, mapped out ways of life, career opportunities arising from less gifted but rather from conduct of business and were the uniformed Gleichmarsch. Created by 1979 in the GDR bands like rage, Schleimkeim, L’Attentat, Concrete and Romance Planetshakers, herausbrüllten modeled after western bands their anger about their own prospects and to maltreated their instruments.

In ostPUNK! too much future have allowed the two filmmakers Fiebeler Carsten Boehlke and Michael, both former members of the punk scene, even in the working and peasant state, the first phase of the movement in the GDR in review. Go and explore a hitherto largely unknown and unexplored area in the recent German-German history – the ratio of the authoritarian state to the various sub-cultures, which would not be forced into the state structure. Their differences, they almost went to the Republic of refugees – were at least in the eyes of the party – a dangerous state within a state. Not a few wandered into prison, others were deliberately conscripted into the army and others managed by the takeoff of the first wave of emigration to the West, so that the mid-eighties, the scene was practically dried up.

In-depth interviews, are thwarted by wild and rugged Super8 recordings from the late seventies and early eighties, remember former punks – today they have all become more or less calm and settled – to the troubled times and how these have influenced their future career. This impressed many of those portrayed are still the enormous power that they radiate and it may suggest that the peace and serenity of those who have seen and experienced many things, and bitten – although for some periods of persecution and disciplining indelible have left traces.

Matching the current punk revival, the film offers unprecedented insight into the punk scene in the GDR, and they quickly learn that the “Wild East” not just a silly slogan, but for some hazardous reality was – even if the film roughness and the energy radiates unfortunately only very rarely. As a historical document but it is always worth a visit – especially for people who had formerly belonged to himself once the punk scene – it is short in former West Germany or the former East Germany.


Title: ostPUNK! too much future Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2006 Length: Min 93 () of material: New Visions

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