Genre: Drama Episode Film
               Paris, Berlinale 2010, change, the airport, waiting

love letter to an airport

  Departure halls are usually no magical places. But if someone like the Berlin director Angela Schanelec her camera built there, then change the looks and there are voices. They talk of changes, cracks, or perhaps only by doubts. Provided one is willing to engage in the cinema on a deal with Time to act on much of the real situation of waiting on to.

From the Orly Airport in Paris the same name. He plays more than 90 percent in the halls. The camera observes people who wait, and people who pass by. It is this curious combination of stillness and movement, which is captured here. On the one hand start at an airport changes, movement, perhaps a new life. On the other hand, people are doomed in the departure hall to stop. When she is not distracted with a book or shopping, they think. And even if they do, they can not avoid that flow in such situations, thoughts begin to flow, ideas, desires, fantasies.

What motivates the people who sit or stroll around here? This was for Angela Schanelec the original question, as she herself was waiting at Orly and came up with the idea for the film. Of course you can not see into the minds of others, but you can write a screenplay and invent stories. Orly, and so is of course a feature film with professional actors for the eight main roles and the cast of police and security personnel. But the film is also an inventory of the real place. Filming took place during the normal airport operations without barriers, and all the passengers, who happen to run through the picture. Of course, the film crew recorded with long focal lengths from a distance saw the actors, starting with some irritation. But Angela and her cameraman Schanelec Reinhold Precutter made the discovery that the passengers quickly return to their normal activities as soon as they realize that the crew want nothing from them.

There are four episodes, the director here in succession says. One is about a man and a woman, two strangers, between whom formed an unusual proximity. They tell each other about their lives abroad, that does not somehow seem to fit with their yearnings. Brewing here in a love relationship? We do not know, the ends of the stories remain loose. Deliberately keeps the mood the director of accident and passers upright. Nevertheless, it is the conversations and thoughts that make for surprises and development, not the external events. In all four stories something seems to proceed, which could give life a new direction, a sudden confession, thinking about the future or a letter with an unusually poetic declaration of love that has read it and just walking around in your mind.

Angela Schanelec Today, along with Christian Petzold, Thomas Arslan, the most important representatives of the so-called “Berlin School”, which is characterized by all the stylistic differences through a deliberate minimalism. Orly celebrates the long shots and the waiver of emotive elements in pure form. The film approaches it in the form of his subject. One must be willing to wait until something happens. Only if one is willing, you will be able to enjoy, as shines behind the real place, another space. A place of thoughts, desires and changes.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Orly Country of production: Germany, France Year of production: 2010 Length: 84 (Min) of material: Peripheral Film Distribution

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