Genre: Drama
               Sexuality, Berlinale 2010, transsexuality, Pandrogyn, Hermaphrodite

between the sexes

  Know when the young hermaphrodite gene Cynthia and Jay learns he or she is fascinated by their unique love. The two are pandrogyn. That means they see themselves as a person, as a unit, away from the sexual dyad. Gene and Jay are one. Therefore, they adapt their faces and bodies via plastic surgery at each other and then try to merge into a new being. And this being is just as Cynthia is neither male nor female. When the couple separated for a few days of each other must leave immediately Cynthia his / her husband and moved with Jay, the remaining part of the gene / Jay unit through the country. While Jay also seriously affected by the separation, since for him gene is a part of himself, Cynthia enjoys the perceived togetherness and head over heels in love.

In a parallel plot tells Open another story. Syd, a young trans man meets Nick, a young gay punks. The two fall in love even when Syd is still technically a woman. Both enjoy their youth and their sexuality are Syd is pregnant. Actually had the testosterone and hormone injections, which Syd administered to prevent this will get converted, but now the young gay couple is suddenly in the situation, a de facto heterosexual couples, with his offspring.

Open is a movie that has lead the viewer constantly do battle with himself. Again and again the drawers “man” and “Women want to rise” in the head and assign the characters of the two. But it is impossible. Cynthia, Gene, Jay and Syd are neither. Or everything at once? You can not leave them in the eyes of a hopeless attempt of sexual classification and after a while it is possible to give up this ridiculous attempt. Open the borders completely explodes, creating room for a new perspective on love and sexuality. It succeeds the film does not account for the freak show amateur actors, which present themselves here as they are, but always retained their humanity and intimacy.

Although the film is basically a part of the classical narrative cinema, and reported in turn by two stories that take place in parallel, but at the same time, it uses a strong avant-garde visual language. This is used a little too often, but is generally well done and helpful to approach the topic. She picks the stories on an artistic level, in the man – to paraphrase Judith Butler, the performativity of gender may be considered on a meta level. That it will succeed in spite of the open levels of personal, loving, suffering and shed light on the fears of its protagonists, the film owes to the subtlety of his sire Jake Yuzna. Open is the first work of young American filmmaker, his two passions, art and film here together trying to add.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: Open Country of production: USA Year of production: 2010 Length: 88 (Min)

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