Only a summer

Only a summer
               Genre: Romantic Comedy
  In Switzerland, everything seemed better. In the land of perpetual prosperity prevails confederates – that is as safe as the famous Swiss bank secrecy. And so it is no wonder that more and more people of working age return of the German homeland back and look for their fortune in Switzerland. The 35-year-old Eva (Anna Loos) is one such case. The woman from East Germany, the home in Eberswalde, some jobs and some of the proposal put bodies behind, replaced by the Job Center, the unexpected offer to spend a summer as a milkmaid on a Swiss alp. Since then she has learned in an LPG milking, is the job in Switzerland ideal for them. And even after her 16-year-old son Jens (Robert Hoeller), has found an apprenticeship, they no longer can keep her younger lover Marco (Steve Windolf). Because Eva is a spontaneous woman who likes to give in to their impulses and take opportunities when they arise. Given the parlous economic situation in eastern fatalism combined with spontaneity is probably not the worst thing to face the hardships of life with a smile.

Already make his way to new job high in the mountains of the Bernese Oberland is proving to be severe test. Lying was formed into a cable car to the grumpy antediluvian Senner Daniel (Stefan Gubser), she floats up to heaven – and looking forward to but obviously on what awaits them there. Daniel is her new boss and a difficult contemporary, who apparently dreinschaut also so grimly, as he was abandoned by his wife. Where you can now admirably speculate whether perhaps has not exactly sought, therefore, the width, because her husband is such a boorish and taciturn Klotz. But because Eve is such a hands-and life-affirming man wakes up slowly Daniel’s interest in his new collaborator. What, however, he is not alone. For the young Macedonian laborers Mehmed (Oliver Zgorelec) from the adjacent Alp has his eye on Eva. Even if Daniel would never admit it – the love affair between the two bothers him greatly. But how to approach the self-confident woman? And even as Marco emerges from Eberswalde a surprise visit to a mountain, the relationship confusion perfectly.

As bizarre as the job may seem too Eve: The director Tamara Staudt knows exactly what she says in her movie Just a Summer . Finally, the filmmaker himself has worked for two summers as a milkmaid and brought it during their seasonal workers, even the title of Empress of cheese Lenk. One notices in the film these experiences, the frugal life of the mountain, the preparation of the cheese, milking the cows, the harsh working conditions at the huts and the cattle drive at the end of the summer – this is also the main stages of Eva’s story are those of the film with meticulous attention to detail and impressive recordings shows.

How lovely these scenarios and the working day are captured, the interpersonal twists and turns of the plot come from and therefore somewhat bumpy. Although Tamara Staudt ready unmotivated the story in a concise and essential deliberately keep telling rather laconic tone to happen pretty quickly and turns to the audience at times seem a little bit. For example, that Eve at home in Eberswalde, fuming at the sight of young people waving annoyed with his hand and then relish in Switzerland during a nightly bath in the cheese kettle itself draws on ciggy is just one example of many small inconsistencies that go mainly to the cap of the script . Moreover, Eva’s penchant for the dour Daniel looked at the light remains incomprehensible, and you get the feeling that this woman would actually get along fine alone.

If you can ignore such errors, only enjoys a summer mainly by partially successful atmospheric shots of the Swiss mountains, and by a convincing Anna Loos, this movie has almost single-handedly.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Just a Summer Country of production: Germany, Switzerland Year of production: 2008 Length: 97 (Min) Rental: Filmlichter ISBN: 4009750251188

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