One – The Movie

One - The Movie

One – The Movie

  You have probably imagined the whole thing as his blend of experience and awakening of a midlife crisis: Since awakens a 45 – year-old lawyer and father one morning and suddenly the idea of a film about the meaning of life to make. But: The man has no idea of filmmaking. But since there is resistance to be overcome in order to be appointed Ward M. Powers – the name of the man – a camera and hastily contacted two friends who will support him in his project. Their approach to get this mysterious sense of life’s tricks, it is conceivable simple: Just ask all those who encounter them, questions drawn from a catalog is: Because there are about God and the essence of wisdom to the injustices in the world and to poverty, hunger and war, about life after death, peace, fear of the connection between science and religion and to all of the other, the man moved in his heart.

And so they gather interview material to interview ordinary people and turn over the two years continuous shooting more and more spiritual guiding figure: A rabbi emerges, a Taoist master and a Buddhist scholar, and even an LSD Expert to speak. A very interesting, because crude mixture is very keen to be enlightened the audience do not stop, however, since the film is whether the wealth of material – more than 100 hours of interviews have come together – jumping from one topic to another, and the classification of questions completely unclear. The following is statement on statement permeated many of wisdom, others are more evidence of simplicity and banality and follow a transparent pattern. Even the simple knitted images and metaphors, which invite you to find Ward M. Powers and his colleagues for very complex relationships, a little to one, fall into this movie and fall into his concerns, especially as a real entity, as the movie conjures them to set at no time may be, by some passages not to mention downright annoying. It’s quite possible that Ward M. Powers and his colleagues feel after this film, now a little wiser, the audience certainly does not.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: One – The Movie Original Title: ONE: The Movie Country of production: USA Year of production: 2005 Length: 83 (Min) of material: TAO Cinematheque, Marketing: Movie World

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