One Russian Summer

One Russian Summer
               Genre: drama, literature, biography
  An old man is asleep. He lies there quietly and you get an idea of how to shape this man, if he is dead. Perhaps this is due to his age, on the white beard that framed his face or the silence that emanates from his sight. Then a woman lies down beside him, puts his hand on his chest and we feel the intimate relationship between these two men. A picture of peace and harmony – a true picture. And deceptive. For it tells only part of the story of this couple.

It is a scene with no words at the beginning of the film, which pulls a strange way to their spell and sets the tone of this film, the emotions purports to we can trust as a spectator – even though it is sometimes difficult to rely on the stability of these emotions. Although she quietly comes along, it expresses much more than many a wordy dialogue and gives a faint foreshadowing of what will come at the end of this film.

The pair, from which tells Michael Hoffman’s film One Russian Summer, the famous writer Leo Tolstoy (Christopher Plummer) and his wife Sofia (Helen Mirren), which at the time when the story begins, have been married for 48 years. Despite the deceptive harmony is introduced with the couple, there is the house of the writer, who is aged over 80 years, a bitter guerrilla war for the favor of Tolstoy. For he is no longer merely a writer of world renown, but in the corrupt and moribund Empire also a kind of moral authority. His radical pacifism, anarchism, and made him in troubled times, a spiritual leader, which was followed by many people. This movement, which Tolstojanismus, led by Vladimir Chertkov (Paul Giamatti) who was involved in the last year of life of the writer Tolstoy’s wife, a bitter battle over the legacy of the great political mastermind.

, The film tells this too, leaving the troubled times of the decline of the empire and the many dreams and utopias of a better future to life. Between the claims of Tolstoy’s wife and the collection of his disciples has placed Michael Hoffman – largely historically accurate – the young private secretary Valentin Bulgakov (James McAvoy), to be clamped from both sides for that matter, and which is located between two stools sitting in the gorgeous Tolsojanerin (Kerry Condon) in love, whistles on the ideals of a celibate life, and the shy vegetarians in the pleasures of the flesh-introduces worldly pleasures.

To the ancient writers themselves are the arguments for his inheritance soon repugnant and he will flee from his estate, on a journey to find the peace, which he needed so badly. For Tolstoy feels that it is not all that much time left to complete his work. It will be his last trip, the last stop of his career.

While the old one, but no less fierce passion of a couple who can not do with each other, but not without each other, is just one facet of this beautifully staged film by Michael Hoffman, in which everything is true. Starting with a complex script stuffed with overlapping and complementary aspects, which spread like a cog to another, on the bench by great actors, to the beautiful landscape shots, which meant a proper part in Saxony-Anhalt ( “Sexy-Anhalt” Helen Mirren at a press conference) created – everything here is true. They really do not know what to praise about this film first – the clever and detailed screenplay, directed by first-class work, the successful top-class facilities or the cast, which hardly suggests that it is in this film produced in Germany to work . So close to Hollywood – and indeed in the best sense – was in Germany with an international cast film produced only very rarely.

In addition to the joy of a successful Russian film A Summer evokes an almost irresistible desire to be the next best Tolstoy novel to grab and to deal with the detail work and the life of this truly great artist. Apart from 112 minutes in a highly entertaining film, this is yet another wonderful side effect of this film, easily the world of literature and history, the biography of a great man and a loving relationship full of ups and downs to each other.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: One Russian Summer Original Title: The Last Station Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 Length: (# ) 112 (min) of material: Warner Bros.

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