On the safe side

On the safe side

On the safe side

               Genre: Documentary
               India, Las Vegas, South Africa, USA, City, Gated Community, Bangalore, Johannesburg

My home is my castle

  Even if by a ghetto is usually something else understands – “gated communities”, as everywhere in the world to find and especially in the United States, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina, are ultimately just as the urban expression of a definition as the Jewish ghettos of the Middle Ages. Of course, with the difference that the “gated communities” is not the outlaws and find refuge from the company discriminated against, but rather the privileged members. In its documentation on the safe side, the two filmmakers examine Corinna Wichmann and Lukas Schmid’s life in such a segregated environment of their neighborhoods and make three gated communities and their residents. The view behind the fence reveals While many of the ideas and attitudes, but leaves many questions unanswered.

The film begins in Dainfern, a secured with a double fence development in Johannesburg, the city with the highest murder rate in the world . Here we take the real estate agent Brenda, which is responsible for the sale of residential units. Then the journey continues to India, the IT mecca Bangalore, where Mr. Misra of his “baby” Palm Meadows raves and looks into the gated communities even one of the reasons why there are so many well-trained computer specialists from the subcontinent back home – attracts them here because in spite of chaotic circumstances at the gates of their domicile have the opportunity to pursue their American or European-influenced lifestyle. And finally, turn to the two directors of the new development Spanish Trail in Las Vegas, where we assist the resident Stacey in his daily walks through the neighborhood. And we also learn here about the dark side: It is difficult to come into contact with the housemates, complains the agile pensioner. When one sees of course later, as the owners abkanzelt rigorous aesthetic failure of the front garden designs to the taste and judge airs, one might prefer Stacey advise against having to do with his roommates too much. In the loose change of the film oscillates in the following between the three “communities” and shows sometimes – as in South Africa – the lives of those who have as ministering spirits only temporary access to the hermetic world of the rich and Prvilegierten – they are all in Dainfern Coloured South Africans, even if Brenda had previously stated that the community is varied. Perhaps this is merely lip service to the currents of the zeitgeist of political correctness “.

No question: gated communities are fast becoming a phenomenon that is apparently typical of our increasingly paranoid and social differences emphasizing Zeitgeist. In Spain, France and England there are just as interested as in the former Eastern bloc countries, where demand exceeds by housing on the safe side, the long range. As soon as the borders between the states and political blocs have been overcome, new and well built impenetrable walls and lines of demarcation – as bizarre. The division of society into isolated elites and the rest – it is the well-guarded neighborhoods its clearest expression.

There are now also the first examples on German soil, as in Potsdam, where in an area called Arcadia 45 homes and seven villas are built on a 2.8 acre site in a prime location. A pity that the filmmakers have not made here (or perhaps it did not get approved). Another gated community is now a Leipzig emerged as the many new projects at the end of the film shows, this is only the beginning of a trend that will be – so it can be assumed – in the years to continue.

Access to the hermetic realm of the privileged but has its price. And it shows also that film. Insistent demands of the motives and attitudes of the people you’re looking mostly in vain – some more casual criticisms aside. The waiver of a comment makes the film particularly a description of a less thorough analysis, which gives the film some of his explosiveness and takes particular relevance. Quite possible that would have closed at the doors of the drill all too critical fortresses for the two filmmakers. Still, a little more confrontational one would have been desired. Thus offers on the safe side, although quite interesting, and sometimes eloquent insights that analysis of what we got to see, must make the audience already own. Despite the undeniable fascination of this controversial topic, but one misses historical and sociological background, which would have lent the film more depth. As it scrapes on the safe side at best at the smart and often horribly sterile surface of the fortresses to the depths of life.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: on the safe side Country of production: , Germany Year of Production: 2009 Length: 80 (Min.) Distribution : Real Fiction

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