On the other side of the bed

On the other side of the bed

On the other side of the bed

               Genre: Comedy
               Housewife roles, managers, Hausmann

battle of the sexes and role reversal

  The desire to once again slipping into the role of the opposite sex, is probably as old as mankind and has been filmed many times in comedies. Now takes too Pascale Pouzadoux on this issue and has found with Sophie Marceau and Dany Boon in the lead roles, two box office. But promising international stars at the same time a good comedy?

, Hugo (Dany Boon) is a successful manager and leaves it to his family for nothing. At least in financial terms, for his stressful work life leads to his children that he always sees the good-night kiss, and his wife Ariane (Sophie Marceau) gets her man hard to face. Instead, she plows and toils in the budget almost to death – no, that her husband is due credit for it. The family feud is at the door, and Ariane revolted by her husband with her fist strikes down and makes a choice: either exchange them for a year, the roles, or they can be divorced from him. After some hesitation, Hugo can be agreed, and a lawyer holds the contract determine the distribution of tasks for the next twelve months. Now a cliché follows another, a joke is chasing the next, and gender bias will be significantly oversubscribed. Sometimes that is really funny, for example, if the couple (her two children, of course, this is about a girl and a boy) wants to explain the reversal of roles, and the dry answer of the son simply reads: “I would prefer that you would you a divorce! ” Very funny is the fact that Ariane insists also replace the cars and cell phones, and now Hugo in the pink city car drives around the area and the phone with a pink cell phone. Ariane’s revolutionary breakthrough in the construction company her husband is amusing, since it simply the individual machines, including muscle-men rented. Thus, for the company for a new market, for now hire lots of women man plus machine, as if they were shopping at a Tupperware party, or the beauty salon. But this whole comedic deposits not really help to save this movie, which unduly exploits stereotypes far, including the fact that Hugo is now also beginning to pluck her eyebrows and Ariane discovers in himself the instincts, and an employee of the Company vernascht on the office table. Ultimately, then missed the Ariane family life too much heart-rending tears may not be missing (they can out of their skin as women … just not out) and the end are all happy again united in their conservative roles. The only question, why adjusts the high-earning Hugo not simply a paid financial strength to make it easier for his wife’s life. And that could well be a yes man.

On the other side of the bed to the French public has to react extremely enthusiastic that the German public, however more likely to behave somewhat exaggerated in this comedy.

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: On the other side of the bed Original Title: De l’autre côté du lit Country of production: France Year of production: 2009 Length: 93 (Min) of material: Movienet Film Distribution

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