Olga Benario – A Life for the Revolution

Olga Benario - A Life for the Revolution

Olga Benario – A Life for the Revolution

  There are life stories that are so incredible, so fantastic and so full of history and stories that they simply must be documented. The story of Olga Benarios is one of them, she grabs the audience and throws him into the midst of another time and other circumstances. Galip Iyitanir has in his movie Benario Olga – A Life for the Revolution, the lifelines of these amazing women’s semi-documentary set in scene.

Olga Benario is on 12 February 1908, the second child of a wealthy family in Munich academician born. Early on she shows interest in political and social events. At the age of 15 she) is a member of the KJ (Communist Youth. Soon she learns the Communist Party – official familiar with Otto Braun, leaving 1925 for his sake and for their political work in Munich. Together, they draw in foreign names in the Berlin “red” working class district of Neukölln, where Olga Benario the age of 18 years, the agitation and propaganda takes over leadership of the KJ. On 30 September 1926 she and Otto Braun to be arrested and indicted for conspiracy to commit treason. Olga Benario comes through the commitment of her father, who is a renowned lawyer, free. Otto Braun, the threat of long jail term, is in a spectacular action by Olga Benario and four other people on 11 April 1928 from the prison in Berlin – Moabit free. This coup caused a great sensation, she brings into the headlines.

For security reasons, they are then sent by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. In Ukraine, Olga Benario learn to handle weapons, their relationship with Otto Braun breaks. In 1931 she is in the order of the Communist International in France and Britain on the road.
After Hitler took power, she returned to Moscow. There she is selected to start at the side of Luiz Carlos Prestes, the revolution in Brazil. Prestes had led from 1925 to 1927, the legendary “Coluna Prestes” on their march through Brazil, more than 25,000 miles and always pursued by the Brazilian government troops. For the poor population of the country Prestes was regarded as the “Knights of hope.” Disguised as a wealthy Portuguese couple on honeymoon travel Vilar Benario Olga and Prestes across Europe and then through New York to Brazil. When they arrive in Rio de Janeiro, is what was initially only a disguise, became a reality – they are lovers.

After almost one year, top secret preparations will begin on 23 November 1935 and the revolt is put down within hours. Olga Benario and Luiz Carlos Prestes be arrested. On 23 September 1936 Olga is pregnant and reported Benario high despite an international campaign to stop their extradition from Brazil and deported by the Nazis in the Berlin women’s prison. On 27 November 1936 where she brings her daughter Anita Leocardia to the world. In early 1938, it is separated from her daughter, arrives at the Lichtenberg concentration camp and later to Ravensbrück. As Blockalteste despite severe repression, they organized lectures, literary evenings and discussions to help their fellow prisoners, and to brighten the lives of some. The tireless use of Prestes mother Donna Leocardia has obtained the end of August 1939 that Mexico, the host Olga Benarios suits. These papers achieve Olga Benario not. In April 1942 they will go to 34 year-old killed in the gas chamber of Bernburg.

Title: Olga Benario – A Life for the Revolution Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2004 Length: 92 (minutes) of material: New Visions

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