Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal

               Genre: Drama
               Love relationship, solitude, hermit, britspotting2009

No questions, please!

  The radicalism is written to her face: The young Dutchwoman Anne wants to leave behind all the bindings to be absolutely alone. Not even her name, they can ask in Urszula Antoniak haunting feature debut. For the fascinating account of an unusual young woman, Lotte Verbeek Actress at the Berlinale is one of the “European Shooting Stars 2010″ awards.

It is no coincidence that the young actress Sandrine recalls Bonn Aires Streunerin in Agnes Varda’s Outlaw — repellent views, defiant body language. The director showed her the film from the year 1985 to prepare for the role of Anne. But prefers to see differently than the figure of Sandrine Bonnaire (currently in The chess player too) Anne no longer immediately threatened when human intimacy. It remains as it applies in Ireland Martin (Stephen Rea), an elderly man who lives alone in a fisherman’s cottage beautifully situated on a small peninsula. The two make a deal: Anne works for him, but he can ask any personal questions and tell nothing about himself.

The artificial arrangement could also come from a film by Eric Rohmer, so coolly planned the experimental design seems then the analytical gaze with interest at the dynamics that will develop from it. But unlike Eric Rohmer this is not a detached observation of the how to make young people today so their relationships. Urszula Antoniak narrative attitude arises from a very personal experience. The young director has lost her husband through death. She has experienced the feeling of loneliness in an existential way – an experience that unleashing the creative energies of all the sadness and also the insight into the comfort and freedom that can connect to the solitude.

So what happens when two people come together in the middle of a barren well as beautiful landscape, which is the personal freedom above all else? It happens a lot, but fortunately, not what one would expect, especially not a cheap bed affair between the aging man and the young girl. Urszula Antoniak and share designs with fine irony, a back-and-forth of attraction and repulsion of tentative overtures and critical limits. She does this in a quiet, musical rhythm, with finely metered highlights, but they are working with reduced resources as well as the rest of the film. We must therefore engage in the staying power of this film, which is the same care herantastet at the risk of a relationship as the protagonists. These two seem to fear the pain that is associated with each is self-engagement. Thus, the first smile becomes a revolutionary event, shared meal at a time reversal.

Is perhaps the reluctance, which accounts for the fascination of this relationship between two related victims. “Recognizes the talent, where his boundaries are,” says Martin again. And insists on his insight so uncompromising that even the radical nature of the Anne in the shade.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Nothing Personal Country of production: Ireland, Netherlands Year of production: 2009 Length: 85 (Min) Distribution : MFA + Film Distribution

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