Nothing but Ghosts

Nothing but Ghosts

Nothing but Ghosts

  As presented by Judith Herman in 1998 their first volume of stories Summer House, Later , she succeeded with her debut literary breakthrough: Enthusiastic reviews, more than 250,000 copies sold and translations into seventeen languages, speaks for their great success. Only five years later, in 2003, published her second volume of short stories Nothing but Ghosts , which also stood for weeks at the top of the bestseller lists. From these two volumes has been the director Martin Gypkens served and turned the beautiful episode film Nothing But Ghosts.

Has highlighted the Gypkens Five stories that take place in five different countries and tell them about a dozen different people in search of himself and of love. People who need a break from everyday life, to rearrange themselves, inspire and presents itself again and again at the end of the question. Gypkens interweaves the stories in five different story lines together and meet each other without even the protagonists, their emotions and experiences but very similar.

All starts with the America episode, which is a kind of clip for the movie because it ends with it. Ellen (Maria Simon) is with her boyfriend Felix (August Diehl) on joint trip with a rental car from the East to the West Coast and back again. But the longer they’re on the go, the stronger their relationship seems to crumble. In the brief glimpse, get the one in her life, and that is very revealing, one finds that grind out here two very dissimilar people together.

, The second episode playing in Jamaica: Christine (Brigitte Hobmeier) visited with Nora (Jessica Schwarz), whose ex-boyfriend, Kaspar (Janek Rieke), which has settled to drop long been on the island. While the two friends while away their time sunbathing and lazing around, is announced on the radio a dangerous hurricane. Only Christine can not wait that he comes from.

Episode number three leads into the cold, wintry Iceland: The best friends Irene (Ina Weisse) and Jonas (Wotan Wilke Mohring) both have just a failed relationship behind and want to take a break in the far north. You quarters at Irene’s, a former college friend, whose wife Jonina (Sólveig Arnarsdóttir) casts an eye on Jonas, but he never really comes closer.

In Berlin and the German province of playing the fourth episode: Caro (Karina Plachetka) visits her former roommate and best friend Ruth (Chiara Schoras) in the small town. Ruth has recently combined with Raoul (Stipe Erceg), and for those Caro’s eyes immediately. And because Raoul is not a man for a relationship, it can not be too Caro, do something with it.

The fifth episode revolves around Marion (Fritzi Haberland), which has traveled to Venice to a distance of their concerns and find solitude at home. There she meets her busy parents and a true good-looking, but quite perverted young man who pursues and at a sidewalk café in front of her ostentatiously masturbating.

All of these episodes the entire time in a sort of limbo. Hardly anything is resolved and explained, but just that’s the beauty of the film. It is about nuances, facial expressions, allusions – all of which play a role in interpersonal relationships. Nothing but Ghosts is a film actor, but he does not live solely by the wonderful spectacle of his protagonists, but also by the enormity of his paintings, capturing the white grand Eeva Fleig. Even with Gypkens first feature film, we already got behind the camera. If one were to describe each episode with a color and a mood and this mix, then a fantastic colorful image would be created as in a kaleidoscope.

There is nothing ghosts is ultimately the logical continuation of We, only that Gypkens presented with his second film, a much more mature, more perfect work. The characters are older now. Do not take refuge in parties, but traveling. Her longing she pulls into the distance, because they do not find at home that after they are seeking.

The film had its world premiere out of competition at the open-air screening at this year’s Locarno film festival – and was vigorously cheered. Rightly so, because nothing is as ghosts a grandiose, compressed work as a director with an incredibly subtle intensity, as they get to see rare in German cinema.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Nothing but Ghosts Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 124 (Min) of material: Senator Film Distribution

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