North (DVD)

North (DVD)

North (DVD)

               Genre: Drama, Comedy
               Norway, sports, paternity, snowmobile, alcoholics, Psychiatry

, snow blindness, and depression – an enchanting sloping off-road-movie from Norway

  Right now the Liftwärter the winter in the ski areas have again got our hands full of snow and sun-seeking tourists through routine handles in the lift, thus carrying on the summit of holiday happiness. Happy is he who does not get to mount a lift to a depressed and drive poor unlucky as Jomar in Rune Denstad of trivial stoic bizarre feature film debut Nord. Its induced depression brings namely phlegm even the most relaxed holiday guest to incandescence. What annoys some tourists, provides the other in the cinema for quite a pleasure – which is mainly due to the successful balance between laconic wit, typical of Scandinavian restraint in the staging and thoughtful moments.

One may not believe it and yet it’s true: In the past, the fat Jomar (Anders Christiansen Baasmo) once a successful alpine skier. But after an accident, his life is then thoroughly train. Especially since even – a misfortune seldom comes alone – the love of his life with his best friend, never to disappear from his life. Anxiety and depression paralyze the bear-like giant, who longs for nothing more than to the rest of psychiatry, where he is dropped from the world in peace. To continue to wallow in his self-pity, drinking lots of alcohol Jomar, slept through most of his already not very livable existence, runs with TV programs about disasters further down and smokes like a chimney. In short, he is poised to be directed to thoroughly used.

Then one day is calculated Lasse (Kyrre Hellum), the faithless friend of the past, the unharnessed him the great love, above the lift and ensures a drum roll of Jomar tears from his lethargy. Linnea, so white, the former friend who now lives somewhere in the north and has a four year old son – son Jomar. With a can full of high-proof liquor to overcome his various phobias are Jomar does with his snowmobile on the road north. The journey back to the love of his life through a wide expanse of snow scenes and provides for meetings with people who are at least as strange, weird and lovable as Jomar itself ..

That the filmmakers Rune Langlo Denstad so far mostly as documentary filmmaker came to some fame, seen this film does not – at least not in a negative sense. At most, on the edge you notice his debut feature film an almost ethnographic interest in all the seeming love cheap and somehow twisted people (mostly played by amateur actors), which quite obviously better in the cool temperatures in Scandinavia than elsewhere. Despite the sombre nature of Jomar North a gorgeous film full of magnificent landscapes and quirky encounters has become, where we not only learn a lot about of trivial very obvious admiration for David Lynch’s similarly constructed movie Straight Story, but about the bizarre drinking habits of many Norwegians. Who the films by Bent Hamer (Kitchen Stories, O’Horten) and Aki Kaurismäki like that will also have its North pure joy. Rarely is the suffering of a depressed protagonist in the movie have caused as much fun as in this film. Just a pity that the film is already 78 minutes after its end – you would not have disturbed off if Langlo had for its charming history and sympathetic anti-hero takes even more of our time. One thing is certain – we would have gladly given it to him.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: North (DVD) Country of production: Norway Production year: 2009 Length: 75 (Min.) Published at: Alamode Film format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, Norwegian EAN: 4042564121742 Extras: ( #) Trailer, Deleted Scenes, Behind The Scenes

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