No.. 2

No.. 2

No. 2

  The idea of how a successful family reunion should be designed, points of culture to culture, certainly in addition to some similarities and large differences. Accepted that on one occasion even violent disputes are, in general, may be unusual, but not for the eventful festival, which at dawn in the garden of No.. 2 looming in Mount Roskill in Auckland. Inspiration

from a dream of distant days of family socializing Nanna Maria (Ruby Dee) decides to organize the family head of the Fiji Islands to Auckland immigrant family, after a long time again a glittering party to – and right away , the same evening. This exactly what you envision it shares with its frightened grandchildren to whom they are delegated the preparations: The garden has festively prepared, exquisite dishes prepared, a pig roasted on an open fire, and will be in red wine and white table cloths dancing, singing, be disputed and laughed, and only the grandchildren are loaded, not strangers, not even their own children, whom she dubbed simply as a useless fellow. And the highlight of the festival will consist of Nanna Maria that determines its successor under the grandchildren and proclaimed.

At first reluctant and hesitant, but then with growing commitment to start work for the family celebration, from the outset, the harbingers of discord anticipate. While the friend of the capricious Hibiscus (Miriama McDowell), as an outsider is rejected by the Klanchefin, this is Europe’s girlfriend of her favorite grandson, Tyson (Xavier Horan), Danish Maria (Tuva Novotny), spontaneously as a very special guest welcome, and between the Namensvetterinnen relaxed, it was soon inclined as connection. Overall, there is Nanna Mary of the efforts of her grandson, little enthusiasm, and finally emerge as their uninvited children, she blows after an outburst abruptly canceled the event and draws back into the house.

Now, pull their offspring – for the moment at least together – to end the careful preparations, and invite all the relatives and friends, so that the matriarch at dusk still sits at the festive table and to begin the feast . However, the following disputes can not be long in coming, and it is still the preaching of the succession of the family head, which has a great surprise for all …

The director Toa Fraser, with No. Be 2 presents feature film debut, has turned with a great cast crew a love letter to life, his friends and family that has lived for over 50 years in his adopted home of Mount Roskill in Auckland, in which he, with 14 from Britain, where he was born has been moved. He originally wrote the story of jovial Nanna Maria, who wants a traditional family feast to remember their roots and their passion, as a play in which ten roles were filled by a single actress. And this stage version of No.. 2 has been so successful that it was performed in all of New Zealand long before the sold-out houses before they Frinch first prize at the Edinburgh Festival and won in Mexico, Jamaica and Fiji Islands, Holland and Sweden as well as in the King’s Head in see London and in Sydney was. After painstaking work of about 20 screenplay drafts of Fraser’s material was then ready for film production, and the debut of young director was at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival Audience Prize in the series “World Cinema “.

no. 2 features mainly charming, refreshing and thrilling entertainment with a cultural complexion from the other end of the world. The flickering family conflicts and their host, which are interspersed with sequences of an indestructible harmonious togetherness in a turbulent manner, lively and wild on without being absorbed or even analyzed, and if there is any message, they may be: When times must necessarily be celebrated, with all the emotions and facets that life has to offer.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: no. 2 Country of production: New Zealand Year of production: 2005 Length: 94 (Min) of material: Arsenal Film Distribution

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