No Time to Die

No Time to Die
               Genre: Comedy
  As dead as his clientele is Asante (David Dontoh) is not straight – quite the contrary. The young hearse driver from Ghana, is bubbling with life and vitality that way. if schoin the whole time surrounded by dead, one must take at least own life a little easy. Together with his assistant Issifu (Issifu Kassim), he brings the dead from the capital Accra to their villages, where they are then placed in unlikely elaborate ceremonies and extravagant creations coffin into the earth.

Asante loves his work so that I could actually be all right. The only problem is that as a hearse driver with women more likely to encounter rejection. After all, who can already personally happy with the Grim Reaper? While he was an overpass, the young and beautiful Esi (Agatha Ofori meets), it’s finally happened to him. And fortunately, and thanks Issifus energetic support they fell in love with him.

But the young fortune must first overcome several obstacles. Esis father is adamantly opposed to the connection, only over his dead body, he would agree to a wedding. But Asante does not give up and finally accesses real magic tricks to convince the stubborn father-in-law still too …

1940, The Ghana-born King Ampaw came in 1961 in the former East Germany, where she discovered his passion for the cinema. He first studied in Potsdam-Babelsberg, but the government than in 1965 his scholarship was not renewed, he first moved to Vienna and then from 1967 to the newly established School of Film and Television in Munich, he became the first African graduate. In 1979 he returned to his homeland, where he served in executive positions at the National Television. In 1983 he founded his own production company “Afro-Movies,” with his debut feature film, 1983 he Kukurantumi – The Road to Accra turned. Two years later Nana Akoto / Juju, who was to remain for more than 20 years his last film. Thanks to its connections to Germany, he co-produced several film projects in Africa Settled by German directors such as Cobra Verde (1987, directed by Werner Herzog), African Timber (1989, directed by Peter F. Bringmann), Anansi – The Journey of the Lion (1992 , Director: Fritz Baumann) and Welcome Home (2004, Director: Andreas Gruber)

King Ampaws sometimes very playful and QRS on video twisted comedy No Time to Die deliberately trying to show a different image of Africa as we know this from the television western, “The European image of Africa consists almost entirely of poverty, corruption, AIDS and war. That is what you get on television. But there is also a normal life, we also have culture expresses, tradition and entertainment. African filmmakers can bring people laugh. I try my comedy show, “says the director for his film, the actor David Dontoh in 2007 awarded at the Festival of Tarifa as best actor was.


Title: No Time to Die Original Title: L’ultime hommage Country of production: Germany, Ghana Year of production: 2007 Length: 90 (Min) of material: Karios Film Distribution tone / language: OmdU

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