Neukölln Unlimited

Neukölln Unlimited

Neukölln Unlimited

               Genre: Documentary
               Dance, Hip Hop, Berlin, Rap, migration, deportation, Berlinale 2010, Asylum

The ratios for dancing bring

  Hassan, Maradona and her older sister Lial Akkouch come from a musical family: all three can dance like the world champions, Lial also has a great voice. But the siblings feel under a sword of Damocles. They can be deported every day in Lebanon. That combines the social issue in their lives with passion for dancing, is a godsend for an unusually gripping, entertaining documentary that was 14plus at the Berlinale 2010 Crystal Bear in the Generation section.

Tells of a Neukölln Unlimited the individual, it sounds outrageous and yet is not an individual fate. Living in Germany for more than 100,000 people with a tolerance. Which means that no permanent residence, but have their deportation is suspended only temporarily. While it can “take a temporary” quite a long time – the family Hakkouch now been fighting 16 years for a permanent abode. But the expulsion can also occur suddenly. This has been Hassen (now 18), Maradona (14) and Lial (19) experienced at first hand. They were awakened early in the morning four years ago by the police, put on a plane and deported to Lebanon – a country that has never been home to the kids who grew up in Germany.
Although the family has managed to come back. But they can be deported again if they can not prove that they earn a living for themselves. Because the parents live separately, try Hassan, Maradona and Lial her mother and younger siblings to support financially. For her performances as a break dancer and singer, they get money.

But will it be enough in the eyes of the immigration authorities? And it will create the three, with their art to be so successful that the revenues flowing permanently? For this simple principle, the film draws its tension. For the battle is not won. Every day, every competition is a new challenge. Maradona, for example, makes it to the qualification for the TV competition, “Das Supertalent”. He waved the winning bonus of 100,000 euros, he should do it in the first place. Then the money worries and the fear of deportation would be only once passé.

For the pressure exerted on the siblings, Hassan has at least one valve. In his hip-hop songs he can let out the anger of the authorities. But Maradona, the Hassan wants to be a kind of substitute father has always problems with the school. He receives a reference after another and threatens to fly for good.

The directors Augostino Imondi and Dietmar Ratsch have made a politically engaged and yet entertaining film. You let the energy be felt in these young people and puts young adults. The siblings Akkouch want to be a victim. You train like a savage, to get closer to their goal: a permanent abode in a country which has always been their home. That the determination of the young people so contagious, is thanks in part to the rapid montage of dance scenes. But the soundtrack, which was next to the hip-hop and dance numbers also provides compositions, mixed in the echoes of Lebanese folklore. Thus, not only young people get their money, but also older semester.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Neukölln Unlimited Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 96 (Min) of material: ( #) GMfilms

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