Nacidas para sufrir

Nacidas para sufrir

Nacidas para sufrir

               Genre: Comedy
               Aged, aging, Berlinale 2010, nieces, Same-sex marriage

gay marriage without Homos

  Flora is stately 73 years old. Their whole life long she has cared for others. She has raised her three nieces after their parents were killed in a car accident and later are taken care of other relatives and cared for them until death. Now it’s time that someone cares about them too, but her nieces to see this a little differently. Ideally she would stick to the old home and the nice big house that belongs to her to sell. But they have reckoned without the vigorous old woman. This has already forged himself a plan for old age. Their domestic help Pura, a shy young woman who will look after them.

Pura and fauna, connecting more than just their marriage of convenience. Both are classic “old maids” who spend their lives serving others and ourselves have no own family. Pura is satisfied with their job. She likes the routine and the retirement, for life makes her afraid. And she likes flora, which is strict, but it gives the necessary stability in life. But the plan does not seem all that make up niece Flora has an idea. She is dragging the totally horrified Pura to the office and marry her after the brand-new law for same-sex partnerships. So that it secures and Pura against further attacks and closes with it a pact. If they wont Flora to end of life, she gets the house. What the two have not thought about, is the reaction of their environment. Suddenly, a married couple living in the village, not just the age difference between her a bit “different” – the two are also the first “homos”. And that leads into the small Spanish town, which is dominated by Catholicism, to some turmoil.

“Nacidas para sufrir” means “born to suffer too.” That does not sound like a comedy, but it is. For the two protagonists do not feel like the hump out of charity for others to make it crooked. Flora wants a nice life with all his old and true to their liking, and can the take from anyone. Thus, the threat of nieces, leading to a late, all the more violent emancipation in the able-bodied woman who sweeps away not only her family, but like half the village to do so. Director Miguel Albaladejo creates with his story an entirely new and modern way of romantic comedy. There is no “boy meets girl” scheme more. Here the elderly Girl meets another and both take advantage of their opportunities to gain their desired freedom. And so Nacidas para sufrir is not only one of the first films to negotiate the issue of gay marriage, but also the first film in which this marriage entirely without gays. Albaladejo It mediates between the lines of an important message: It’s in laws on same-sex marriage above all a question of securing the people you love.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: Nacidas para sufrir Original Title: Born to suffer Country of production: Spain Year of production: 2009 Length: (# ) 117 (min)

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