Na putu

Na putu

Na putu

               Genre: Drama
               Separation, Islam, fertility, Berlinale 2010, alcoholism

through life in Bosnia

  At first glance, everything seems like a normal country. Luna (Zrinka Cvitešic) and Amar (Leon Lucev) are a normal couple, have great jobs – it is an air traffic controller, she stewardess – they look good and enjoy life. And yet, something is wrong with them, at least not with Amar. For this drink in secret and is suspended for six months when he is caught in the Alcohol Service. It is a first small scratches in the perfect facade to the outside. It is even worse for the couple that, despite all efforts, does not work with the pregnancy, although both desperately want a child.

Then Amar takes a trip on a friend from earlier days, with whom he shared fought in the Yugoslav civil war and has become a devout Muslim. Initially, Luna and Amar have fun and smile about the burqa the wife of the Wahhabis. But then his friend Amar gets a job at a time of war camp offered the Muslim Communal on a lake and then instructs, separated from Luna, the children of the group. Under the influence of the Wahhabi changed Amar, what remains is not Luna also hidden. Suddenly, her boyfriend takes strange views, refused to have sex with her as long as they are not married under Islamic law and makes his life radically, at – allegedly because he wants to become a better person. But Luna is willing and able to live with this completely changed man really? The young woman must decide whether she is willing to love all and above all, give yourself …

In a way, Jasmila Zbanic’s new film is Na Putu / On the path to the greatest possible contrast to the also located in the Berlinale Competition Shahada. Although both films are about the lives and the difficulties of young Muslims in Europe, but that the similarity ends there. Zbanic limited their view of a single pair and told in clear and vivid images of their chosen subject. Here it’s the small, everyday, and – the outstanding actor – very credible problems of people who used the quiet, but incredibly intense drama driving.

With economical but highly effective use of music Zbanic quite familiar to the exemplary strength of its script. And they do well to address not everything and to put into the picture. Of the injuries that have caused the civil war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, we get at most on the edge of a hunch. But this is quite enough to make the figures appear credible and authentic. Above all, they affect us, especially Luna, will be the eventual decision is also a beacon for young Muslim women, not simply defer to the rules of religion, but to fight for their freedom and their lifestyle. In times like these, which harden the fronts between religions threatens to get that feed radical tendencies, this is a simple and much needed message.

Be sure that a young director like Jasmila Zbanic for their second feature-length film to the second Golden Bear (2006 she received the Golden Bear for her film Grbavica) receives is more than improbable. Nevertheless, this film really needs to be a worthy candidates for the top prize among this year’s Berlinale.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Na putu Original Title: On The Path Country of production: Germany, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia Year of production: 2010 Length: 100 (min) of material: New Visions

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