My Name Is Khan

My Name Is Khan

My Name Is Khan

               Genre: Drama, Romance
               Travel, 11 September, U.S., Single Mother, Berlinale 2010, Asperger’s Syndrome, Muslim, Hindu
  Since a certain private TV channels a few years ago began to show Bollywood films, this country does not know any of how such a film. Neat round, he must be, in between colorful and with a minimum of five vocal numbers. Sex there is a maximum, and hinted at all – it’s about romance, true love and sacrifice, the whole thing always packed with a mixture of drama and comedy. Seen in My Name is Khan, a film that surprised.

Shah Rukh Khan, Indian canvas seineszeichens God and dreams of many sleepless nights, playing in Karan Johar’s fourth film Rizvan Khan, a young Muslim man with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism. This disease makes him the one hand, major problems of society find their way in, but since it gives him a high intelligence. Moves to the United States as Rizvan, he learns the single mother Mandira (Kajol know) and love. Both marry, despite many problems, one of them is that Mandira is Hindu, and thus no “suitable” match for a Muslim. Despite all the new integrated family change largely in the American society to the events of 9 / 11 everything. In the wake of the fear of terrorism and xenophobia, and finally comes Mandiras son died – his last name was Khan, a uniquely Muslim name. In her grief Mandira throws her husband out of the house, who sets out on a journey across America to find the President and made speech.

Asperger’s Syndrome, dead children, racism, terrorism, Religionsstreitgkeiten, 9 / 11 – does not sound really for romantic Bollywood comedy. The nucleus is still contained – Khan is unconditionally in love with his wife and would do anything for them, but the rest is harsh social criticism and an appeal for more humanity. This film uses the typical funding for its culture, which may be incredibly sloppy for Central European flavor. But amidst all the tears dripping trash stuck several interesting aspects.

Exciting thing about this film for European audiences in particular perspective on the world political events of recent years. The film not only does 9 / 11 on and how American society has changed accordingly. Even George W. Bush and Obama are in-house movie. While the former is portrayed especially the fact that he is not portrayed (you can see him only in straight away), its political direction of impact and its consequences, however, unique. The fear and paranoia that prevails in society, together with the initial enthusiasm to give the terrorists properly sour, determines the lives of everyone in the film. It is striking that the vision of things is precisely the Indian, dark-skinned people. And elsewhere, the film comes up with so many minorities that mitagieren white people only marginally. An interesting effect for the spoiled caucasian eye.

The main character is a counterweight to American superheroes. The Indian Asperger patient moving Rizavan Khan on a journey through the country in which he personally remembered the bewildered Americans in humanity and charity. In this way, the film exaggerates so much that he can reach any patriotic American hero film loose the water. Shah Rukh Khan does not quite convinced that from time to time as autistic to unintentionally funny moments. Nevertheless, the statement is interesting: a disabled man goes on a journey across America and bring the country back by hand to reason and humanity. Even before Obama, he practically shouts “Yes we can “.

A third important issue that takes up the film that is the religion. Not only in the U.S. that is a problem. Even in India there is always a massive outbreak of violence between Hindus and Muslims. Shah Rukh Khan himself, years ago that triggered a scandal when he married a Muslim, a Hindu. That the film has taken up this issue quite explicitly in India has led to an uproar among the fundamentalists to boycott the film.

Total My Name Is Khan to make many socio-political construction sites. Not all of it is just here, but overall the film still manages to work on at the mass grave issues and to integrate them, even in a rather humorous drama.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: My Name Is Khan Country of production: India Year of production: 2010 Length: 160 (Min) Distribution : Twentieth Century Fox

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