My mother – for clues in Riga

My mother - for clues in Riga

My mother – for clues in Riga

  Ironically just before the turn of the millennium 2000, the director Rosa von Praunheim learns of his mother, who is by then already 94 years old and lives with him, a secret that his life is changed. In tears, the woman confesses to him that he is not her biological child, but was taken by her from an orphanage in Riga and later adopted. Quite unsentimental and from head to toe, the eccentric filmmaker, as he was known – and notorious – of the suspects in 1942 as Holger Mischwitzky Praunheim born of a secret that it deserves to be denounced. And what could be more of a director who always went the whole hog and never has shrunk to become personal, as in this search for identity to make a film about? The result is a spectacularly intimate and touching search, when you get close to the combative filmmaker than ever before, and when he new very thoughtful side revealed itself.

Rosa von Praunheim begins his quest but only after the death of his adoptive mother, and there is respect for all, before and love for her that allows for no earlier investigations. Much as he did not know at this point, can only make guesses about how his life would have been if it did not Gertrude Mischwitzky from his uncertain fate and would have freed inmates. It is not much of what he holds in his hands at first – only the birth, the birth and inaccurate information about the children are the few, scanty evidence. But for Rosa von Praunheim it is more than enough to absorb the scent, which it deep into the history of Latvia and leads into the events during the occupation of the country by the soldiers of the Wehrmacht. Again and again they are coincidences, encounters that continue the director, until he finally made certain where he is and what his real real name is …

Maybe it’s the wisdom and serenity of old age – by Rosa Praunheim 2007 has been 65 years old – or rather the seriousness of the issue from his new work unhurried so perfect and makes it exciting film. His journalistic rigor and with much personal interest to search for her own home designed has not only become a very personal document, but also a historical thriller, and has the same affect. Especially – and this is a great happiness – is my mother – a search for clues in Riga, stands at the end of a successful outcome. We can not imagine how great would have been a disappointment when Rosa stood by Praunheim end up with empty hands, and this film probably would not have been completed.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: My mother – for clues in Riga Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 87 (Min) (# ) Distribution: -based film distribution

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