My Fuehrer – The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler

My Fuehrer - The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler

Mein Fuehrer – The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler

Charlie Chaplin had played him, Bruno Ganz, Robert Carlyle, Anthony Hopkins, as well, and now ranks Helge Schneider in the ranks of the Hitler-actor. If one types the word “Hitler” in the IMDb, appear roughly 150 films that are concerned with the leader. In bookstores are piled Hitler books by authors like Joachim Fest and Sebastian Haffner. An immortal nightmare that haunts books, films and over our heads and we can even laugh, you think of film comedies such as The Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin, or life or death of Ernst Lubitsch.
(# Us) make people laugh, also wants the director Dani Levy, in his new comedy, My Fuehrer – The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler. ” Even the title clearly suggests that the film does not want to educate or even minutely adjust to reality. No, this is a contrast program Hirschbiegel / Eichinger film Der Untergang. Levy fantasizes mixed truth with falsehood, merely transmits the moralizing preoccupation with the past, satirizes a sick, depressed Hitler (Helge Schneider) at the end of total war. From the former “greatness” is an depressed whiners left, entrenched in the Reich Chancellery in Berlin shattered. Propaganda chief Goebbels (Sylvester Groth) can increase your wants him to undergo therapy so that he can mobilize a fake cardboard image of a furious New Year’s speech to the masses back to war. And here’s what’s bitterly Ironically a Jew to help the plight of Hitler, Adolf Grunbaum from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, the Hitler who once taught in acting) (Ulrich Mühe.

A quirky combination: Helge Hitler superior helpless and small, the Jew and strong. It is delightful to watch the two, like the Jew, the Hitler-Helge leads to the nose, it can make the most ridiculous relaxation exercises. A narrow, yellow track suit, Hitler must bear lying on the floor on all fours, barking like a dog. No less strange is the deep psychological exercises, which the leader back in the childhood and tickle the most human of emotions out of it. The Voyeurs are not only our audience in the film are Goebbels, Albert Speer (Stefan Kurt) and Himmler (Ulrich Noethen), observing the two behind a mirrored wall. They do not trust the mash completely, but take action Gruenbaums such as Goebbels and the release of prisoners of Sachsenhausen invites as remuneration for his work, he and his family will be sent back to KL. But Goebbels had reckoned without their host. Hitler could not survive without its Jews. “I want my Jews,” he shouted angrily, as this appears no more. Green Tree is brought back, and on we go with the therapeutic exercises until Hitler was ready for his last major speech, it has been in reality. Everything seems to take a good end for Hitler, but an accidentally shaved beard and an assassination plot from within the company can assume everything differently than planned …

Levy has kept to the facts, Alice Miller’s discussion of “Black Education” studied her book
In the beginning was reading education (1980), as well as the diary of Hitler’s acting coach Paul Devrient. This material was true basis for Levy’s Hitler’s fantasy of writing a screenplay that is true combined with a falsehood. Dani Levy wanted to continue the tradition of Chaplin or Lubitsch’s To Be or Not The Great Dictator, he notes in the press issue. And parts of it are also possible. Levy, a Jew, uses the Jewish joke on biting and incisive manner, but the film as a whole remains far too innocuous, and is the joke of his last comedy Alles auf Zucker! (2005) a world away.
(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Mein Fuehrer – The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2006 Length: 95 (min .) material: X-Hire

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