Mr Figo and the secret of pearl factory

Mr Figo and the secret of pearl factory

Mr. Figo and the mystery of the pearl factory

  When children lose their milk teeth, there is the custom, which dropped out tooth in a Jar or a box set and kept it under his pillow at night. And overnight the tooth to magically disappear and be replaced by a coin or other small treasures – such is the custom, at least in Anglo-Saxon countries and the United States. Exactly when this story is created, can no longer have exact details, but generally, the emergence of history in the 19th Century located. In other countries like France, it is not a fairy in the night, the teeth of children against a small gift in exchange, but a mouse or a rat in the Spanish-speaking countries. It was invented in 1894 by Spanish priest Luis Coloma, of the eight-year heir Alfonso XIII. wrote a story that is familiar today with virtually every child – “Ratón Pérez” (the rat Perez) was born.

, Juan Pablo Buscarinis film Mr Figo and the mystery of the pearl factory / El Ratón Pérez, a good mix of real – and animation that spins the story continues to the tooth mouse, and shows what happens to the collected teeth of the children really happened. The fact walking into a factory where they are processed into beads – of course, be involved in the children from the tooth mouse Mr Figo to the beads. And so looking forward to the tenth Lucia (Dolphin Varni) on a visit to the friendly rodent when she loses a tooth in an accident. But the free-spirited girl is waiting for the reward for the loss of their teeth, because Mr Figo gets into an ambush by Fugaz commander who is responsible for transporting the cargo. The envious and greedy captain has long been annoyed about the old-fashioned mode of production of the pearl factory, and plans to increase the gain by leaving the children play no pay more. He is supported by Pipo, the insidious nephew of the brave jeweler Morientes (Joe Rigoli), the beads turned into extraordinary jewelry pieces. But the two crooks have reckoned without the brave Lucia and her boyfriend Ramiro (Nicolás Torcanowsky) made, which is open to free Mr Figo too. It begins an exciting adventure …

In Argentina, beat Juan Pablo Buscarinis update history a mouse around the tooth like a bomb and gave the film the best box office earnings of a family film of all time. That this success can be repeated in this country, but it is unlikely – especially since the story of the tooth mouse or rat for most children and adults should not be trusted. Basically the film is very well implemented and responsive – can be considered mainly as a real actress Delfina Varni real discovery and the message that it is good to believe in things beyond our imagination, is just for kids a wonderful confirmation of the own life and imagination. Mr Figo but can score against the dominance of other rodents such as its own kind of ratatouille or Alvin and the Chipmunks at the box office, but rather that he seems to be a pious wish. For children 6 to 10 years, the film is short) in any case an interesting alternative to the more expensive a multiple productions from the United States.


Title: Mr. Figo and the mystery of the pearl factory Original Title: El Ratón Pérez Country of production: Argentina, Spain Year of production: 2006 ( #) Length: 95 (Min) of material: 3L Film Distribution

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