Mr. Brooks – Der Mörder in Dir

Mr. Brooks - Der Mörder in Dir

Mr. Brooks – The killer (in thee #)
  Admittedly, it is a bona fide killer is definitely a different approach than Mr. Brooks (Kevin Costner). The fact is, a successful businessman, loving husband and a caring family man. In addition, he was elected just by his hometown of Portland Chamber of Commerce “Man of the Year”. What neither his wife (Marg Helgenberger) suspect nor his daughter (Danielle Panabaker): Tormented by his alter ego Marshall (William Hurt) is a self-made Man forced repeatedly to go at night to hunt and kill people – his image as an honest business there is more than helpful. However, plagued him great remorse whether the uncontrollable urge to kill: secret he has long been seeking treatment at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to get his addiction under control – although of course no one suspected that its drug is not alcohol, but death. But then everything has been threatening to burst: Because Earl Brooks in his last murder of a photographer (Danne Cooke) observed and photographed, he is now being blackmailed by the witness. The future would always be with the murders here, which Earl (and Marshall) fits of course, not at all. In addition, another calamity threatened by others: as, for example, the investigator Tracey Attwood (Demi Moore), who gives the “Thumbprint Killer” is (as Brooks’ Fight name in the press) attaches to the heel, not suspecting that they themselves by a serial killer called the Hangman (Matt Schulze), they even arrested a few years ago pursued is. And Brooks’ daughter Jane is entangled in the confusing cat-and-mouse game, because they – or so it seems – has inherited not only the genes of her father but also his Tötungstrieb … there

course Marshall is not really the evil, but is rather merely a representative of what goes on in the head of his tortured Mr. Brooks – a narrative trick, as it was indeed wonderful in David Fincher’s film Fight Club already demonstrated. And although the idea is not entirely new, but it also works wonderfully in this film, which is primarily due to the two actors Kevin Costner and William Hurt, consisting of Mr. Brooks – Der Mörder in Dir a worth seeing, enchanting evil and subversive amoral movie enjoyment do as he sees all too rarely in Hollywood. Mr. Brooks – The killer in you is an enjoyable, exciting and constantly surprising film noir with a wink and probably the most normal serial killer in the world. After all the bad stylized heroes of recent years has such an anti-hero as the purest soul balm.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Mr. Brooks – The murderer) in you (# Original Title: Mr. Brooks Country of production: USA Year of production: 2007 (# ) Length: 120 (Min) of material: Concorde Film Distribution

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